Small Group Questions:  A work in progress

Summary:  God has transferred us from the dead, present course of this world to a Christ's
course in the heavenly places because of his kindness and grace.  As a result, his purpose in us
can be met, which is for us to serve him.  In order for us to carry out God's service, we need a
Christian worldview that is no longer dominated according to the "course of this world," but by
Christ.  This will enable us to have the correct attitudes toward ourselves, each other, and the

Open: (choose one)
- When have you ever had trouble seeing?  What did you do about it?
- What is the most difficult (or unusual) transition you have had to make?  

Explore:  Ephesians 2:1-10

1.  How does Paul describe our former condition?  

2.  What does the "course of this world" mean to you?  Would it seem evil to someone
who is walking in the course of this world?  Why?

3.  How does Paul describe our current condition?  

4.  What does it mean to you when the text says God seated with Christ in the heavenly
places?  How does this contrast to the "course of this world?"


5.  How should being seated with Christ in the "heavenly places" affect you in the
	- Determining what is real and what is not real
	- The basis of making good choices
	- Being a Christian on the job (or at school)
	- When to minister to others
	- Sharing your faith
	- Challenges to your faith
	- Friendship Choices
	- Entertainment Choices
	- Dating

6.  What perspectives from the world on these things are in conflict with your faith?

7.  What can you do to keep from being unduly influenced by the world?  How could
verse 10 help you? 

Rom 12:2 - Use this scripture to guide your prayer