Title: Identifying Potential Shepherds, part 2
Purpose: To motivate Christians to encourage potential shepherds

Intro:	1.  Trustworthy Saying - Encourage (I Tim 3)
	2.  Honorable / Above Reproach / Part 2

I.  Not Addicted to Wine
	A.  Drunk will never make good leader
	B.  Does this mean he CAN drink, & just not be addicted?
		1.  In historical context elders likely drank
		2.  Used wine at weddings and Passover
			a.  Wine was normally diluted
			b.  Talking about wine, not whiskey
		3.  Bible clearly condemns drunkeness
	C.  Student campaign to Italy
		1.  Donít want to offend by refusing wine offered
		2.  Italians understand & donít serve wine to us
		3.  But it is not a bad example in Italy
		4.  However, we are NOT in Italy
	D.  Bible has very little good to say about alcohol
		1.  Prov 23:29 - Causes you to lose your senses
		2.  Prover 31:4 - Causes Kings to make a mess
		3.  Hos 4:11 - Takes away understanding
		4.  Prov 20:1 - Is a cruel mocker
	E.  What reflection does drinking have on a persons witness for Christ?

II.  Not Pugnacious, but Gentle & Uncontentious
	A.  Pugnacious means Bully
	B.  A good leader cannot be a bully
		1.  Elders condemned for this Ezek 34:4
		2.  It is the Cowboy way, but not Godís way
		3.  Godís way is to be shepherds, not cowboys
		5.  Titus 1 - Not Quarrelsome (Grandma)
		6.  Other passages:
		 	a.  Jude 3 - Contend earnestly
			b.  I Tim 6:12 - Fight the good fight
			c.  Titus 3:9 - Shun foolish controversies
			d.  Contending for the faith & contentious are two different things
	C.  Elder and Deacon got in fist fight
		1.  Police had to come and it showed up in the paper
		2.  Shepherd or Cowboy here?
		3.  Baaaad example
	D.  If not a gentle shepherd, start losing sheep
		1.  Cows run away from Cowboys
		2.  Now they build fences to keep them in
		3.  If grass is greener, you canít keep them in

III.  Free from Love of Money
	A.  Love of Money is root of evil (I Tim 6:10)
	B.  What happens when elder wrapped up in money?
		1.  All other things become secondary
		2.  Serving 2 Masters
		3.  Like shepherd in Ezek 34:2- Feed self
		4.  Is a Hired Hand (John 10) - Thought is for self
	C.  God is to be clearly first in this persons life

IV.  Manages Own Household Well
	A. Titus has a parallel instruction in Titus 1:6
	B.  Explanation
		1.  What does family have to do with elders
		2.  He is to be a proven leader & home is the proving ground
			a.  Why the home & not the church?
			b.  Shows his priorities are straight
			c.  Shepherd your family 1st & foremost
		3.  Children who believe? (Titus 1:6)
		       a.  Literally is:  Believing children (adj.)
		       b.  Does it mean baptized?
		       c.  Context explains:
				- Not accused of dissipation
				- Not accused of rebellion
				- In other words, respectable children
		       d.  "Believing" could be translated ďTrustworthyĒ
				- Same word is used in I Tim 3:1, a "trustworthy" saying.
				- Trustworthy not necessarily mean baptized
				- They may be too young
		       e.  They need to be trustworthy for their age
	C.  Rebellious disrespectful kids:
		1.  Often they are preachers, elders and deaconsí kids
		2.  Yet they are Baptized, so they have "believing" kids?
		3.  That is not what this passage is saying, it means "trustworthy"
		4.  A trustworthy five year old, or teen?  If old enough to be converted, 
		    a trustworthy child will be converted.
	D.  If Elder can lead his family, he can lead the church

V.  Not a New Convert
	A.  New Convert canít be a good shepherd
	B.  Still a babe in Christ
		1. May become conceited and fall....
		     a.  Not understanding Bible leadership = Become a servant
		     b.  Gentile leadership = Lording it over them
		     c.  Devil was condemned because he wanted lordship
		2.  Shepherd needs to
		     a.  Recognize good pasture
		     b.  Recognize enemy
		     c.  Know what to do when attacked
		3.  New convert canít do that

VI.  Good Reputation Outside the church
	A.  So if someone speaks ill of him because of his faith, he canít be an elder?
	B.  The Devilís Snare
		1.  He is called ďAccuserĒ (Rev 12:10)
		2.  Satan tried to make Job Sin for accusation
	C.  Been Reading Nehemiah (6:5-9)
		1.  Tried to slander him
		2.  Could not find a true accusation
		3.  They did not like him though
	D.  2 Tim 3:12 - WILL be persecuted
		1.  I Peter 4:12-15
			a.  Persecution is not new
			b.  Be persecuted for Christ
			c.  Not for evil
		2.  Elder doesnít lie, cheat, steal, is gentle, not violent or pugnacious
		3.  Satan will set a snare, so that he can find a valid accusation

1.  Applying these qualifications
2.  Sounds like a perfect person, no one attain to it
3.  Was Peter perfect?
	a.  Foot in mouth disease, never could get it
	b.  Gal 2:11 - Peter opposed to face by Paul
	c.  Yet, Peter became an Elder (I Pet 5:1)
4.  Who were Sons of Thunder?
	a.  Mk 10:37 - Wanted to sit at right & left
	b.  Lk 9:54 - Call down fire from Heaven
	c.  John became elder 2 John 1
5.  Not talking about Perfection, but suitability
6.  Guidelines given to measure suitability
7.  List boiled down to 10 qualities to look for:
Summary of Qualifications:

This grouping can serve as a guide for both self-examination and evaluation of those that aspire to the ministry of shepherding:

1. Has the heart of a shepherd
  • Aspires to the overseership
2. Has good Christian Character
  • Above Reproach
  • Good reputation with outsiders
  • Not fond of dishonest gain
  • Loves what is good
  • Husband one wife (one woman man)
3. Can communicate well
  • Able to teach
  • Uncontentious (not quarrelsome)
  • Exhort in Sound Doctrine & refute those who contradict
4. Displays Christians maturity
  • Not a new convert
  • Holds fast to the trustworthy word
5. Loves others
  • Hospitable
  • Not Pugnacious (not a bully)
6. Is Self Disciplined
  • Not quick tempered
  • Self Controlled (disciplined)
  • Prudent (excercises restraint)
7. Is a Proven Leader
  • Manages own household well
  • Keep children under control
  • Faithful children
8. Dedicated to God
  • Devout (pious, holy)
  • Holds fast to the faithful word
  • Free from the love of money
9. Displays wisdom
  • Temperate (clear-headed)
  • Prudent (sensible, excercise restraint)
  • Respectable (modest)
10. Displays both humility and strength
  • Not self-willed (arrogant)
  • Able to refute those who contradict