Small Group Questions:  A Church Without Walls

Summary:  God wants us to understand that God destroyed barriers and divisions in his people in
order to create unified church that is fitted together as the temple of God.  As the temple of God,
we are a dwelling place of God, and should demonstrate it through our mutual love, support, and
acceptance so that our example will lead others to God.

Open (choose one)
- What is the worst time you have ever been locked out?
- When have you felt deprived?

Explore  (Eph 2:11-22)

1.  How does Christ's work on the cross transform the condition of the Gentiles?

2.  What "walls" existed between the Jews and Gentiles?  How do you think the
Jews might have felt when Gentiles began coming to church?

3.  For the second time in chapter two of Ephesians, Paul emphasizes the way
we used to be and the way we are now.  Why is it important to remember this? 
How would this help to unify us?

4.  What metaphors does Paul use to communicate our present condition? 
What do these metaphors communicate to you?

5.  How would you summarize our purpose as a church according to what you
have learned in this study?


6.  What are some "walls" that you have struggled with between you and your
brethren?  What are some walls that we collectively might be struggling with?

7.  How have these walls affected you?  (Especially your service to God and your
ministry to others, including your family)

8.  How should you deal with these walls?  How could this study help you?

9.  What is God calling you to do?

Use 1 Cor 3:16-17 as a meditation for your prayer