Small Group Questions:  Upside Down Backwards Faith (Lk 1:39-56)

Summary:  Maryís song gives a preview of the themes not only in Luke-Acts, but
of the kingdom as well.  Godís ministry of mercy/compassion comes to those
who fear him.  The ministry of compassion involves concrete expressions of
moral, social and economic reversals in the kingdom.  The ultimate reversal will
be the judgement in the end.  For now, we reflect Godís vision in the kingdom
through a ministry of compassion.

Optional Ice Breaker Questions (Choose one)
- What is the most memorable or meaningful song to you and why?
- Which song best expresses your mood right now?  Nobody knows the trouble
Iíve seen, Come ye sinners poor and wretched, Hallelujah Chorus, other?

Explore  (Lk 1:39-56)

1.  How does Mary seem to feel in this song and why?

2.  What are some specific personal things Mary praises God for?  How is Mary

3.  What ways can you see Maryís humility in this passage?  Her fear of God? 
What does it mean to fear God?

4.  How does Godís mercy/compassion extend to those who fear him according
to this song?  What are some Biblical examples you might be able to think of?

5.  How have you seen Godís mercy and compassion work in your life, or in the
lives of people you know?


6.  In this song, Mary describes how Godís mercy and compassion turns the
world upside down, (which is right-side up from Godís perspective).  How should
Godís mercy and compassion turn your world upside down?

7.  How does God want you to feel about turning your world upside down and

8.  Identify some specific ways you can turn the world around you upside down
and bring the same joy and peace to it that Mary had?

9.  How can we pray for you this evening?