Title: "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy"
Purpose: To encourage Christians to be Joyful
1. Children's Song: I've Got the Joy Joy Joy, we often don't sing it
2. Laughter is good medicine for the soul , Joy should be central to the Christian Life
3. Phil 3:1
a. Joy is a theme of Phillipians
b. Joy is used 6 times, Rejoice 11 times, more than other N.T. books
c. It is a “safegaurd”
4. So we can rejoice. How? Ways:
I. Proclaim the Gospel (1:12-18)
A. Make it your number on goals as Paul did to proclaim the gospel
B. How can proclaiming the Gospel bring joy?
1. Gospel = “GOOD NEWS”
2. Goal of Jesus, Apostles and every Christian - proclaim good news
3. Paul is in prison
a. He had reason to rejoice (in spite of? no because of...)
1) His imprisonment in cause of Christ became known...
2) Others had more courage to speak the word of the Lord
b. He could proclaim Christ in any situation, even in prison
c. His number one goal - Jesus is preached
1) Didn’t matter what other people motivation was (v16-18)
2) Didn’t even matter what happened to himself
4. Grasp the big picture - Heaven, and the Gospel, GOOD NEWS
C. I know a lady named Kay
1. She can’t drive, but walks everywhere
2. Went with her one day
3. Never a negative, everyone loves her
4. Not a learned person, but is filled with the spirit
5. Overflowing with the joy of Christ, and leaves some with everyone she touches
D. What do you leave on the people you touch?
1. If you are busting with joy, you can cool down all kinds of hot heads
2. If you are full of the joy of Christ, you can joyfully proclaim the Gospel
3. If you are full of negativity, how can you share good news?
II. Participate in the Gospel
A. Phillipians were a group that participated in the spreading of the Gospel
B. Paul mentions the joy of this several times:
1. 1:4-7 - Joy in participation (joy is catching)
2. 2:25-30 Epaphroditus brough support to Paul
3. 4:10-19 - They supported Paul
4. They worked TOGETHER toward a positive outcome
D. Churches busy in the work of service are healthy joyful churches
1. Not talking about Bible studies, memory work, etc., but about works of service
2. Examples of positive works of service
a. Missionary Support
b. Cards to Sick and Visitors
c. Chicken soup for the sick
d. Visiting shut ins and sick
e. Helping others in their hardships (not saying it, but doing it)
3. Don’t be like the Pig, the Duck and the Cat
III. Practice the Gospel Attitude
A. How do you practice the Gospel? There are implications from the Good News
B. What is this Gospel Attitude? (2:1-4)
1. This is talking about UNITY
a. Doesn’t mean 100% agreement on every jot and tittle
b. Many are mean spirited and divisive, write up others, all in name of unity
2. Note the passage (this is what he means by be of same mind)
a. Maintaining the same love (not partiality, but same love toward all)
b. Being united in Spirit (no divisions)
c. Being united in one purpose (back to idea of working together in positive works of service)
3. In humility regard others as more important than self
4. Look out for interest of others
a. Consider the feelings of others
b. Consider the well being of others, physically, emotionally, spiritually
c. Consider their problems, interests, etc. not to bully but to encourage
5. You may feel you have the right to feel negatively toward another, that they are the ones with the problem, not you, BUT......
6. Verse 5ff - Have same attitude as Christ
a. I’m glad Christ didn’t have the attitudes we often have
b. We need to humble ourselves and think of others first
C. If we don’t practice the Gospel then
1. Our joy will dissappear
2. Discouragement will set in
IV. Perfect the Gospel Disposition
A. There is a disposition that goes along with being a Christian
B. Notice the passage (4:4-9)
1. Rejoice in the Lord always
2. Let forbearing spirit be known to all men
3. Be anxious for nothing, rely on God
4. Let mind dwell on the positive
5. If you do this, the god of peace will be with you
C. Boyd family and “friendly joyful guard Dog”, played with intruder
D. Peace is our joyful gaurd Dog
1. Will alert us to the presence of the theif
2. Satan wants to steal our Joy

1. So we should rejoice by:
1 - Proclaiming the Gospel
2 - Participate in the Gospel (work together in positive works of service)
3 - Practice the Gospel attitude toward others
4 - Perfecting the Gospel Disposition, think positive
2. We MUST rejoice
a. It is a safeguard (3:1)
b. It leads to peace, which guards our heart and mind (4:7)
3. We need that safegaurd against Satan
a. He wants to take away our joy and replace it with anger / disouragement / bitterness / hatred
4. Its time to say to Satan BEGONE, By practicing these things!