Small Group Questions:  Administrator of Grace

Summary:  Through grace we have been united as one body in Christ.  But in order to
meet our purpose, we need a more complete understanding of grace as a stewardship
entrusted to us.  We have been entrusted to administer a grace that will Reconcile the lost
to God and his people, and give our lives a focus that leads to conviction and confidence
in our walk with God.

- What is your favorite mystery movie or story?
- What was the most challenging thing you have ever been responsible for?

Explore:  Eph 3:1-13

1.  What was Paul's attitude and view toward his imprisonment and why?

2.  What role did grace play in Paul's life in this passage?  What relation does grace have
to ministry and  tewardship?

3.  What became Paul's purpose after experiencing God's grace?  How did he carry out
God's purpose?  What were some of the challenges he faced in carrying out God's

4.  What role does unity play in God's overall purposes?

5.  What is God's purpose for the church?  


6.  Describe how should grace affect our purpose and ministry.

7.  What challenges do/would you face in carrying out God's stewardship of grace?  What
can help you in these challenges?

8.  What are some specific ways you can be a good steward for God?

1 Peter 4:10