Small Group Questions:  Confidence God’s Way  (Luke 1:57-80)

Summary:  The name John shows that God is gracious.  He demonstrates his
grace through the power of his faithful salvation.  Our response to this should be
to serve him without fear and prepare the way to bring the knowledge of
salvation to those around us.

Optional Ice Breaker Questions (choose one)
- How did you get your name?  Was there every another name you would have
rather had?
- What animal describes your confidence level?  (eg:  poodle, German
shepherd, wiener dog, hunting dog, etc.)

Explore:  (Luke 1:57-80)

1.  What does the story portion of this text say about God?

2.  Why does Zechariah respond in the way that he does?

3.  What does the word “redeemed” say to you about God?  About yourself?

4.  What does the phrase “horn of salvation” communicate to you about God? 
About yourself?

5.  If God does not lie, why would he make a covenant or an oath?  What does
this reveal about him?  


6.  According to this song, what should God’s actions enable you to do?  

7.  How do God’s actions enable you to do this?  In what way do you struggle
with this?

8.  Identify those you can “prepare the way” for.  What are some ways you can
do this?  If you are stumped, ask for feedback from the group.

9.  How can the group pray for you?