Title: Perfect! A Work of Art!
Purpose: To Encourage Christians to work hard in spite of suffering
1. Look at all great acheivements of humans, buildings, rockets, change landscape.
2. Yet all it takes is a fall just a few feet, and the life is snuffed out
3. Hebrews review:
a. Jesus is God’s final word
b. Jesus is superior to the angels
-Because he has inherited a more excellent name than they - SON
-Because He is worshipped by Angels
-Jesus is now Lord of redeemed, whereas Angels serve the redeemed
c. If message spoken by angels proved steadfast.....how much more the final word of God-Jesus
5. Text: Hebrews 2:5ff
a. Before it showed that Jesus was superior because of power, God’s son & Lord
b. It would seem that if Jesus were human he would not be superior after all
c. On th contrary, this passage shows the superiority of Jesus BECAUSE of humanity
6. Jesus is better than the Angels because of his humanity: Why? Reasons:

I. Jesus regained what was lost (v. 5-10)Z

A. Man had everything he needed at the creation, but lost it due to sin
B. Explanation
1. It wasn’t to ANGELS that the world to come was subjected to
a. “world” not “cosmos” (typical word” but oikoumene), inhabited earth
b. Cosmos usually refer to earth and all its elements
c. Oikoumene is talking about living creatures of the earth
2. to show what he is talking about he quotes the 8th Psalm
a. “Son of Man” - Confusion, it was a way of saying Man
b. Man was given dominion in Gen. 1
c. Psalm 8 is talking about MAN
d. David is marveling that god would share his glory with man
3. However, Man lost something due to sin
a. God’s creation of Man was man in his ideal state
b. Because of Sin, Man lost it
c. The writer recognizes this, “we don’t see everything ins subjection” 2 Tim 2:12; Rev 2:26; Rev 5:9 ?
4. We don’t see everything in subjection to Man, BUT we do see Him....
a. He applies this Psalm to Jesus
b. Man through sin became less than God’s ideal and was separated
c. Jesus was human, and was the ideal man
-While human, Jesus was made “for a little while, lower than the ...”
-Because of this he is now crowned with Glory and Honor
C. Any practical application in this?
1. Go downtown, how many books do you find about Angels?
2. Big interest in Angels (this is nothing new)
3. Angels are God’s servants, and our servants, nothing more
4. v. 9 JESUS tasted death for every man
a. Man can do a lot (examples)
b. Angels can do a lot
c. But they cannot hang on a cross and taste what what meant for us
D. Jesus came to regain what was lost
1. He did that by becoming human, by humbling himself\
2. Are you willing to humble yourself on this earth?

II. He brought many sons to glory

A. Because of His humanity (his sufferings) he is able to bring us to Glory
B. How did he bring many sons to Glory?
1. v.10 - The author of their salvation was perfect through sufferings
a. Author - Pioneer, Trail Blazer, Jesus led the way to salvation
-Be like a ship on the rockes, only way to be saved was for someone to swim to shore with life line and tie it so others could follow
b. Perfected - Does this mean that Jesus was not perfect?
-Idea of completion
-He blazed a trail for us to follow WEARING OUR SHOES
-He was a perfect example because of his humanity
2. If Jesus was a trail blazer, what is the obvious implication for us?
a. There is a path to follow
b. What do you do when you find yourself at the crossroads
-The way on the left is sunny, birds singing, path is smooth
-The left is cloudy, lightning, narrow, rocky, and uphill
c. Ps. 23 - Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me
d. Jesus has been in this valley, he’s been here before, its his trail
3. If Jesus, the author of our salvation was made perfect through sufferings, what is the implication for us?
C. I saw a documentary on Michaelangelo
1. Several sculptures that were incomplete (on purpose)
2. He felt they made more of a statement incomplete
3. That is us, we are incomplete
4. Only was to be complete is to accept the hammer and chisel
5. When he is done, he will say “PERFECT”
D. Jesus shared in our humanity, blazed a trail for us
1. Do you want to share in his glory? then you must share in his suffering
2. Which road are you going to take?
3. Look at the road the apostles took: (Acts 5:40-42)

III. He rendered the Devil Powerless

A. Throughout history, Satan has held people in Bondage, Jesus came to free us
B. Explanation:
1. Men have been enslaved to the fear of death
a. Death does not show partiality, all will die
b. People usually deny that they are enslaved to fear of death
c. How many thousands,millions of dollars spent to stay alive another day
d. Some even have their bodies frozen to try and avoid death
e. Satan uses this fear
2. How did Jesus render Satan powerless
a. Jesus became fully human (partook of our nature)
b. Through his own death, he took away Satan's power of death
-Remember, that the basic idea behind death is separation
-For Christians, there is no fear of death
-Death doesn’t separate, but unites us to God
c. Jesus died and was ressurected (I Cor 15), and paved the way for our own ressurection
d. Satan CANNOT control us through the fear of death any longer
C. Missionaries Travel Across the world with no fear of death or disease
D. Jesus gives help to us (v.16)
1. He can free you if you let him
2. What is there to fear?
3. We say nothing, and yet why isn’t there more people willing to switch jobs, going into ministry, spending the extra money to send their kids to Christian colleges, avoiding going to company parties

IV. He became a Merciful and Faithful High Priest

A. A Preist is one who was set apart to mediate between the people and God
B. Explanation
1. High Priest to make propitiation
-Atoning sacrifice (covering of sin)
-High Preist sacrifice and gave the blood (life) to God
-Jesus offered himself as a sacrifice to cover our sins
2. He is not JUST High Priest, but merciful and faithful
a. He understands us
b. (v. 18) he is able to come to our aid (older versions: succor)
-Literally means “to run to the cry of a child”
-Jesus hears your cry and will come running to help
3. He can help us because he knows what we are going through
a. He has been there
b. He has conquered, this road
c. You can rest assured that if you follow his path, you will conquer as well!
C. I went with a friend once on a trip
1. He was going to drive
2. When he showed up, he didn't have a map
3. Fortunately I brought one with me
4. What would have happened if we didn't have that map?
D. Jesus has mapped out our course
1. If you don't follow the map, you will get lost
2. That map will take you through some treacherous territory
3. Remember that Jesus has been here before, he understands
4. Also remember that Jesus has completed the journey
a. As a pioneer he has cleared the trail
b. Because he conquered it, you can make it!


1. Jesus is better than anything because of his humanity

a. He regained what we lost
b. He brings us to Glory
c. He rendered Satan powerless, and frees us from fear
d. He has become a merciful and faithful high preist
2. This passage (v.11) says is is not ashamed to call us brethren -Are we ashamed to call him Lord?