Title: True Religion
Purpose: To Motivate Christians to Everyday Service from the Heart

1.  Let us be religious.ooooommm, try again that didn’t feel religious
2.  Text:  James 1:19-27 - We are to be doers of the word.  
3.  A “Real” Christian is one who PRACTICES TRUE RELIGION

I.  By receiving the word implanted
	A.  He’s not talking about conversion - (see v.18)
	B.  To receive the word implanted, The land has to be cleared away
		1.  ILL:  Williford cleared away, farm land
		2.  Must clear away wickedness and filthiness
	C.  To receive the word implanted, word must take root in your lives
		1.  After clearing the land, must plant the seed
		2.  ILL:  Found Stacey’s flower bulbs in box.  No good unless 
		     taken out & planted
	D.  What things do need to have cleared away to implant the word
		1.  “In humility” receive word implanted -- humble heart
		     - word not grow in soil filled with rocks of arrogance
		2.  God’s word grows in soil of love, gentleness ...
		3.  Is it time to clear away soil to give room for word to grow?

II.  By controlling our temper
	A.  Quick to hear, slow to speak & slow to anger.  bridle our tongue
	B.  Anger does not acheive the righteousness of God
		1.  What does it acheive?
			-High Blood Pressure
			-Runaway tongue (1:27)
			-Abrasive Obnoxious Sarcastic Behavior
			-Hurt Feelings
			-Screeching halt to beneficial communication
			-Fist Fights, or Cat fights
		2.  NOTICE:  Talking about the Anger of Man 
			-Righteous Anger, - Be angry and sin not
			-Jesus overturned temples, let the Pharisees have it
		3.  Anger of Man and Righteous Anger have different origins
			-Righteous anger from exploitation, profaning god’s 
			   name through greed
				ILL:  Evangelists exploiting people promising healing  
			-Anger of Man from pride and ego, when we at 
			 	center of own world
			-Jesus never said “How dare you speak to me that 
			    	way!”, but did get angry
		5.  Don’t raise your voice does not mean you are “not angry”
			-Tempers come out - speaking abrasively, gossip, 
			   getting back at someone
			-Unbridled tongue (your religion is worthless, v. 26)
	C.  ILL:  Challenges come for temper everyday
		1.  Someone insults you
		2.  How often get angry at wife or husband.
		3.  How often get angry at kids. Why get angry? You or God?  
		4.  I can understand, child wants Tattoo, or pierces certain 
		     body parts, keeps saying Mom, Mom, Mom.....  	
	D.  Its a challenge, but if not going to practice it at home too, then 
	     don’t pracitce it at all, your religion is worthless.
		1.  Angry, ask is anger of Man, or righteous Anger
		2.  If it is the anger of Man, pray, give it to God, and he will 
		     help you to “clear away the field” of your temper
		3.  Either you control your temper, or it will control you

III.  Visting Orphans and Widows in their distress
	A.  Orphans and Widows most destitute in ancient times
		1.  Before days of foster, childrens homes and orphanages
		2.  Most women did not have a trade, many died in the winter
	B.  Calls this true and undefiled religion
		1.  Grk “religion” was used to describe the outward acts
		2.  He’s so “religious”, think of worship, praying all time
		3.  Point - Can worship with right motions, and be displeasing
	C.  Take time to go and visit personally and give them some tracts.
	D.  Are you practicing pure and undefiled religion?
		1.  Not just the job of the benevolence budget
		2.  Who do you know that needs help?  Who needs a visit?
		3.  If come to worship & not do this, your religion is worthless

IV.  Keep yourself unstained by the world
	A.  Holy living.  Don’t let world lead you into sinful practices
	B.  Occurs in odd place in context - visiting orphans & widows, WHY?
		1.  Many organizations exist as benevolence organizations
		2.  Church not benevolence organization in strictest sense
		3.   It NOT our reason for existing.
	C.  Balance, realize our goal.
	D.  Stains refer to the same things as the rocks and weeds in the soil

1.  Notice James’ comparing “real Christian” to a “reel” Christian  v. 22-24
	a.  Grk:  “hearers” refers to one who listened to lecturers & philosophers but
never became a disciple.  The hearing became an end in itself  We call people in the
pew the “audience”
	b.  Today, that would be regular church goers, listen to sermons & classes
and even take part in discussions, but that’s all
		-want to hear favorite doctrines pounded on week after week
		-take lords supper every sunday, carry own Bible
		-Even comes on Wednesday night
		-Thinks he is okay ----- He is deceiving himself
	c.  Like man looking in Mirror, and forgets what kind of person he was
		-ILL:  If messy hair & crooked tie - “boy John not have a mirror, or doesn’t care”
	d.  Look intently at the mirror (at the law of liberty and live by it)
		-Straighten self out - comb hair, shave, pop a pimple ....
		- 1)  Implant word 2) control temper  3) visit orphans & widows  3) Unstained 
2.  Are you ready to look intently at the law of liberty, or freedom and   1.  implant it
(which is able to save you soul,  2.  control temper and tongue,   3.  visit and help the
needy,   4.  and live holy