Small Group Notes:  Strategic Prayer

Summary:  In our prayers, we should be sure to have a focus on the big picture like Paul
does.  We should pray to be filled with Christ and the power of his spirit in order to
overcome the storms of this life.  With focus on this kind of prayer, God will give us
stability and the ability to fulfill his purpose for us.

- What is your favorite posture for prayer?
- How did you usually ask your parents for something?

Explore  Eph 3:14-21

1.  How does Paul's prayer fit in the context?

2.  What does this prayer say about God?

3.  What specifically did Paul pray for on behalf of the church?  How is each the things he
prays for related to each other?

4.  Read Colossians 1:9-12.  How does Paul's prayer here compare to his prayer in


5.  How do these prayers compare to your own prayers?  Is there anything that convicts
you in Paul's prayers?

6.  Why are each of the things in these prayers important for our church here?  In what
way should you pray for the church here? 

7.  Formulate some specific prayers to ask on behalf of the group and of our congregation
that incorporates what you have learned.

8.  What changes is God calling you to make in your life?

Use what you have learned to offer a prayer up to God.