Title: Confidence the "Sure" Way
Purpose: To encourage Christians to stay committed to God


  1. What is an Apostle? who were apostles? Was Jesus an Apostle?
  2. Review: Jesus superior to angels because of his name and humanity (Chap 1)
  3. Admonition: Pay closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away (2:1-4)
  4. Text: Hebrews 3
  5. We need to effectively keep our confidence firm until the end.

I. By Considering Jesus (1-6)

  1. What does it mean to consider something?
    1. Lk 12:24 - "Consider the Ravens, for they neither sow not reap & they have no storeroom or barn, & yet God feeds them; how much more valuable you are than the birds ... seek first his kingdom..."
    2. To consider means to observe and learn from something.
  2. What can we learn by considering Jesus
    1. Passage begins with "therefore"
      1. Have to look to previous passage this is concluding
      2. Moses could not bring the people into God's rest (but Jesus can)
    2. Even though Moses could not get people into God's rest, Jesus can
      1. He was "perfected" or "completed" in suffering & exalted
      2. If we share in his suffering and humility, we will share in his glory
      4. We should be faithful even in suffering
      5. We are called "holy" brethren
        • Set apart for Godís purpose (we donít do it, God does)
        • We are "partakers of a heavenly calling" (or partners)
        • We are no longer of this world
    3. Jesus, The Apostle & High Priest of our confession
      1. Apostle means "one sent with authority", frequently meant "ambassador"
      2. Jesus is our High Preist - a mediator (faithful and merciful 2:17)
      3. He has the authority of Heaven, to forgive our sins and as Lord
    4. Jesus was superior to Moses, even though Moses was faithful
      1. While Moses faithful as a servant, Jesus was faithful as a son
      2. Jesus was the builder of the house (which is us)
    5. IF hold fast confidence (boldness) & boast of hope firm till end - Word "Hope" in Bible has much more stronger meaning than today
  3. ILL: We had a 1974 LTD
    1. It was made of RTV, electical tape, and bread ties
    2. We wanted to go visit my parent 3 states away (12 hour drive)
    3. We said "I hope we will make it"
    4. That IS NOT the Hope that this passage is speaking of
  4. Confidence could be "boldness"
    1. Hope as a doubtful affirmation could hardly be something to boast of
    2. Jesus lived his life in confidence
      1. Didnít worry about paying taxes, where next meal coming from
      2. Was obedient, knowing God would exalt him
    3. Jesus left heaven, and humbled himself and came here
    4. Are you willing to humble yourself and be obedient?

II. By listening to Godís voice (7-12, 15)

  1. God has always been speaking, the question is, are you listening?
  2. When I was in the Military
    1. Marched everywhere
    2. Could get confusing on the Parade Ground for parade
    3. Instructors all over the place barking out orders, and music is playing
    4. We learned to tune in to our instructors voice
    5. If you didnít concentrate, you may snap to attention at the wrong voice
  3. God says he will take care of you, and calls you to follow his voice
    1. Satan wants you to doubt Godís voice, & start listening to those other voices
    2. Doubting leads to drifting (2:1) leads to disbelief
    3. Uses Israel as an example (they doubted Godís provisions)
    4. They were told not to gather too much manna (it spoiled if they kept some for next day)
    5. Thatís us, wordly security.
      1. Speaking of security, this often refers to investments
      2. In investment, they say "not put eggs in one basket"
      3. God calls us to put our eggs into one basket, HIS.
    6. Yes hard times now, but trust, manna will be there, rest is waiting
  4. Consider the time you were converted & made your confession
    1. Some have made big changes in their life because of their confession
    2. Some are holding fast your confidence, some letting go, other never took hold
    3. Text says that God heard the cry of Israel and delivered them
      1. Psalmist wrote that he inclines his ear, or stoops to hear us
      2. God hears our cries, he sent Jesus
    4. Now it is your turn to listen to him, PUT YOUR EGGS INTO HIS BASKET

III. By Acting TODAY (12-19)

  1. "Today" is used three times in this passage (7, 13, 15) IT IS IMPORTANT
  2. What are we to do today:
    1. LISTEN to His Voice
      1. Take Heed (act on it)
      2. Lest there be in any of us an evil unbelieving heart in falling away
      3. Do not harden your hearts (8, 15)
        • Each time you hear and donít take heed, it grows a little harder, just like clay drying out
    2. Encourage one another day after day while it is called today If you donít, your brotherís heart can be hardened
      1. By the deceitfulness of sin
      2. Sin tricks us into not putting all our eggs in one basket
      3. Sin deceives us into gathering more manna than God says
      4. RESULT - No time for God, to much work to do, begin to drift away, become lost
  3. Notice language: "lest any one of you be hardened by the ..."
    1. God is not concerned about just the herd, but about each sheep
    2. God is concerned for the "least of these"
      1. Not wishing for any to perish, but for all to come to repentance (2 Pet 3:9)
      2. But whoever causes the least of these little ones who believe in me to stumble, it is better for him that a heavy millstone be hung around his neck, and that he be drowned in the depth of the sea (Mt 18:6)
      3. To the extent you did it to the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me (Mt 25:40)
      4. LUKE 15:4-7 - Leave 99 to find the ONE LOST SHEEP
  4. Never put off till tommorrow what you can and should do today
    1. Paul told, why wait, arise be baptize
    2. Today is the day of salvation
    3. James says our life a vapor, donít know what tommorrow holds


  1. v.6 and v. 14 - We need to hold fast the boast of our confidence
    1. By considering Jesus
    2. By listening and taking heed to Godís voice
  2. Do you still have that confidence, that boldness
  3. Sure Deoderant - have confidence the sure way, take off your coats AmericaĒ
  4. Maybe some of us have not fully taken off the old man and put on the new man
  5. It will take confidence and boldness to take away whatever comprimises your faith
    1. Could be your job (or working too many hours)
    2. Could be an unGodly relationship with someone (wrong friends)
    3. Could be your car, your house
  6. v. 16 - Moses could not get Godís people into the promised land
    1. However, Jesus WILL take you there
    2. Now itís a matter of trust
  7. Act today, do not harden your hearts as they did