Discussion Questions:  Ambassadors in a Pagan World

Summary:  When it comes to non-Christian special days that have religious dress, the
question to ask is what would Jesus do?  Jesus' response to the feast of dedication can
give some insight on how to respond in a wise way, which is to use it as an opportunity to

- What is your best or funniest holiday memory?


1.  Read John 10:22-30. The Feast of Dedication (also called "Hanukkah," which
commemorated the rededication of the temple in 164 A.D.) is not a Biblically
commanded feast.  Where does Jesus go and what does he do during this feast?  

2.  What essentially does Jesus teach during the feast of dedication?  

3.  Like Hannukah, there are days on the calendar which have religious dress that will not
be found in the Bible.  How does Jesus actions in this passage along with 1 Cor 9:19-23
speak to you about how to deal with these days?  (You might also look at Rom 14:3-6)

4.  1 Pet 1:16 says we are to be holy, and 2 Cor 5:20 says we are ambassadors.  How did
Paul remain holy yet an ambassador to a world foreign to God?  


5.  What insight or perspective have you learned about holidays with religious dress? 
What, if anything might you do different based on what you have learned?  What might
you do that is the same?

6.  What are some ways you can wisely use the holiday season for God's purposes without
participating in it blindly and indiscriminately?

7.  What Christian message do you want people around you to "get?"  How can you use
the holiday season to get that message across?

Meditate on Col 4:5-6 for your prayer