Small Group Questions:  Keys to Success.   Luke 2:40-52

In order to be truly successful, we must pursue godly wisdom & respect godly authority as Jesus
did.  As we mature, we also need to provide others the example and training so they will have
the desire to pursue godliness as Jesus parents did for Jesus.

Optional Ice Breakers:
- Have you ever gotten lost or lost someone on a trip?
- If you turned up missing, where would your family or friends look for you?


1.  Why do you suppose Luke mentions Jesus “growing” twice in this passage? 
What, if anything, is he trying to communicate?

2.  Why do you suppose Jesus stayed behind at the temple?  Was it an
accident?  Intentional?

3.  What does what Joseph and Mary find Jesus doing say about Jesus?

4.  How come Jesus goes back with Joseph and Mary?  Why didn’t he stay at
the temple?  After all, he was the Son of God.

5.  How do Joseph and Mary contribute to Jesus spiritual and social growth? 
How important was their contribution?  

6.  Do you find it strange that Jesus had to be reared like any other child?  What
does this communicate to you?


7.  What are some ways you can increase in wisdom, stature, and in favor with
God and others?

8.  What are the sources of spiritual and moral authority in your life?  How can
you benefit from them?

9.  What are sources of potential or real positive peer pressure in your life?  How
can you benefit from it?  Is there someone you can help to stay spiritually sharp? 

Prayer:  How can the group pray for you?