Title: A different kind of courage

Focus: Although our courage can tend to be like the disciples who were willing to die for Jesus in a grand fireworks display of loyalty, Jesus calls for us to have a courage like his, which involves premeditated determination to suffer courageously in humiliation without retaliation when we are persecuted for our faith.

Function: To motivate the hearers to embrace a lifestyle of courageous humility by being open about their faith in Jesus in their lifestyle and speech.

Text: Mark 14:12-72

1.  Indian fable - Mouse in constant fear because of cat.  Magician took pity
	a.  Chaged it to Cat, but then it feared the dog
	b.  Changed it to dog, then it feard the lion
	c.  Change it to lion, then it feared the hunter
	d.  Changed it back to mouse - You have heart of mouse cannot do 
	      anything for you
2.  One common conception was that the kingdom would come with revolution
	a.  It would not be a place for the fainthearted
	b.  It meant many would have to lay down their lives for the kingdom
3.  Takes courage to put life on the line for a cause
4.  Will see that the disciples had courage

I.  The Greif of the Disciples (Mk 14:12-25)
	A.  This scene has been depected by various classical painters
		1.  Scene usually looks somewhat serene
		2.  But it was anything but serene
		3.  Jesus had announced he would die horribly in Jerusalem
	B.  ILL:  Mr _________, High School teacher, punched a student
		1.  Went before board, didn’t eat that day before hand
		2.  Came out of the meeting, white as snow
		3.  Jesus facing humilation and torture though innocent
		4.  Would you be able to eat or celebrate a festival knowing this?
	C.  The cross hung heavy over the whole meal like a threatening cloud
		1.  Jesus gave more information - One of them would betray him?
		2.  What a shock!
		3.  They all became grieved, wondering if it could be them
		4.  It was one who was sharing in his bowl

III.  Grief turns to courage (Mk 14:26-31)
	A.  Jesus tells them they will all fall away
		1.  Quotes from scripture, it is part of God’s plan
		2.  He promises to meet with them again in Galilee
	B.  Notice how their mood changes!
		1.  They all say they would die for Jesus!
		2.  Especially Peter, he vehemently says he would never deny him
		3.  What happened?  Maybe they had some time to think
		4.  They examined their hearts - built up courage
	C.  ILL:  Ray Blankenship preparing breakfast Andover Ohio, in 1989
		1.  Saw girl being swept down flooded draining ditch
		2.  Further down, it roared under road into main culvert
		3.  Ran ahead, jumped in to save her, nearly died himself
		4.  Saved her, and won Coast Gaurd Silver Lifesaving Medal
		5.  Amazing - Ray can’t swim
	D.  Many of us have courage to act to save another
		1.  Disciples had that kind of courage
		2.  They were ready to fight to the death for their master
		3.  What courage they had!

II.  The Courage of Jesus (v.32-42)
	A.  Jesus knew what was coming, and “dying” with greif
	B.  Jesus prayed that he would not have to undergo torture
		1.  Of course, he submitted to the Father’s will
		2.  Peter, faithfully stands gaurd, but fell asleep
		3.  Then the betrayer came with a small army of men
		4.  Jesus knew it was coming, and did not turn from his mission
	C.  What would you have done?  (v.43-47)
		1.  Your teacher, master, mentor being threatened!
		2.  One of the disciples actually began to fight!
		3.  What courage, odds stacked against them
	D.  But Jesus went willingly!  He did not put up a fight!! (v.48-52)
		1.  So, as Jesus said they would, they all ran away
		2.  One guy even left his clothes behind

IV.  The Disciple's Courage Turns to Fear
	A.  Peter ran, but didn’t go far (v.53-65)
		1.  He said he wouldn’t fall away
		2.  So, he stayed, but stayed a safe distance away
		3.  Kangaroo court proceeded
	B.  Peter had opportunity to confess  (v.66-72)
		1.  But he denied him, cursing and swearing
		2.  Just as vehemently as he said he would not deny him, he 
		     denies the one he was willing to die for

V.  What went wrong with them?  2 Things
	A.  Wrong kind of courage
		1.  One kind - Cause you to be in danger 
			- Sometimes a knee-jerk reaction (Like Ray Blankenship)
		2.  Other kind - Willing to be persecuted and not fight
			- Have time to think about it and back out through fear
		3.  (Heb 10:32-39) - The 2nd kind was what the Hebrews needed to hold to
			a.  Hebrews were becoming tired of persecution
			b. It easy to get tired day in and out of hardship
			c.  (v.36) Need endurance to receive promise
	B.  The disciples relied on their own power and ability
		1.  It became apparent they were outnumbered, it was a lost cause
		2.  (Eph 3:16-21) - Power comes from God
			a.  (v.18) - Katalambano - Also to “overtake,” “overcome”
			b.  God not reduce the task, but makes you equal to it
		3.  Power comes from God

1.  He is calling for you to have heart of a lion, not a mouse
	a.  He is giving you more ability that Peter on that night
	b.  He has given you of his Spirit, to empower you
2.  What situations in your life of faith call for courage to stand true you your
convictions in Christ?
	a.  Not allowed to pray, mention God, etc.?
	b.  Not allowed to state reason for your values is God?
3.  What will you do?
	a.  You can give him up like Judas
	b.  You can rely on own strength and power like Peter and fight
		- But as we have seen, that is a battle you will lose
4.  So how can I have the type of courage Christ did?
	a.  What happened in the garden?
		- Jesus was praying (spirit is willing)
		- Peter was sleeping (the flesh is weak
	b.  James 1:5 - If lack wisdom, (on how to face trials) ask God
	c.  In other words, begin by praying and relying on God

5.  Are you facing persecutions or trials that are tempting you to look away from
Christ?  Pray
6.  He died, suffered for you, and in the end was victorious
7.  Come to him today, if not given life to him, come.