Small Group Questions:  Transformers  (Luke 3:1-20)

Summary:  The Lord will bring us salvation from wrath and judgment if we make
a path for him into our hearts which only can happen through fruit bearing
repentance.  We will be enabled to bear much fruit through the transforming
work of Christ through the Spirit.

Optional Ice Breaker Questions (choose one)
- Have you or anyone you know ever had a tendency to transform from pleasant
to unpleasant in the blink of an eye?
- What kind of preparations do you make when expecting a special visitor?


1.  What part did John the Baptist play in preparing a path in the desert for the
coming of the salvation of God?   What part did his listeners play?

2.  What are some things the listeners might have thought was preparing the
way for salvation, but was not?

3.  Why does John the Baptist use the fruit metaphor?  What things does the
fruit metaphor communicate to you?

4.  Was John’s baptism adequate?  Why or why not?  How does he compare his
baptism to the “baptism” Jesus would accomplish?  (Titus 3:5; Rom 8:6-9, 13,

5.  In what way will Jesus empower his followers?

6.  How would you explain repentance to someone unfamiliar with the concept?


7.  What are some things that you have been tempted to rely on for salvation
other than what you are supposed to?

8.  Do you see the empowerment of the Spirit in your life?  Why or why not?

9.  What areas of your life are you lacking in bearing fruit?  What will it take for
that to change?

Prayer:  How can the group pray for you?