Title: Our Great High Priest
Purpose: To motivate Christians to get nearer to God

  1. Many times we have to have mediators to communicate
  2. That is sort of what a High Priest is, a mediator
  3. Text: Heb 4:14-5:10
  4. We can draw near to the throne because we have a Great High Priest. Why?

I. He has a Greater Sympathy

  1. The sympathy from Jesus is the best you can get
  2. How is his sympathy superior?
    1. He has worn 2 shoes, Heavenís and Ours (4:14 - Passed through Heavens) Both perspectives
    2. He was perfected (idea comes out again in this passage, before in chap 2)
      1. 4:15 - Tempted as we are but without sin
      2. Qualifications are laid out for every High Priest
        • Taken from among Men (5:1)
        • Beset with weakness so can deal gently
          • with ignorant and misguided
          • not for High Handed sins (Num 15:30-31)
        • Called by God (5:4-5)
      3. How Jesus was perfected
        • Was perfectly qualified to be a merciful & faithful High Priest
        • He fully experienced the human experience (4:15 & 5:7)
          • Experienced Human Anguish
          • Experienced Fear v.7b (godly fear-our of reverence and submission)
            • Was heard because of it, Angels came to minister
          • Learned Obedience
            • Was a common play on words (emathein apathein)
            • eg: ĒYou burn you learnĒ (on playing with stoves)
            • Idioms often foreign to foreigners
            • However, Jesus partook in our foreigness so much, he even "learned" obedience
    3. So, Jesus was perfectly qualified to be our merciful and faithful High Preist
    4. Notice, High Preists offered first for self, then for the people
      1. You would think one sinner would be compassionate on other sinners
      2. However, Sin makes selfish, blind to others hurts
      3. Sin can make judgmental instead of sympathetic
  3. Eli when Hannah came to pray, accused her of being drunk
    1. Or David, when Nathan came to him (2 Sam. 12)
    2. Ready to execute the rich man for taking away the poor manís beloved lamb
    3. No compassion even though he was guilty of murder
    4. Humans don't have enough compassion
  4. Not so with Jesus
    1. Jesus suffered and was tempted, but did not sin
    2. He was totally selfless
    3. You having a tough time dealing with:
      1. Someone who hates you? - Love enemies, and draw near
      2. Making ends meet - Seek first His Kingdom (draw near) & he will provide
      3. Feeling depressed because no one take faith seriously - Draw near
    4. Jesus has been there - IT IS NOTHING NEW, Draw near

II. Jesus offered a Greater Sacrifice

  1. High Preists were mediators
    1. They offered gifts and sacrifices on behalf of men to God
    2. Being men, they could deal gently with those who fell into sin
  2. Here the writer makes a passing reference ot the offering
    1. A regular High priest made offering first for self, then the people
    2. Jesus did not have to (4:15) was sinless
    3. The sacrifice Jesus offered was HIMSELF
      1. We usually talk about him giving up his earthly life, but is more than that
      2. However (v.5) consider what Jesus gave up
        • Quotation from Ps 2:7 - Coronation of David as King
        • However, consider Phil 2:5-8 - Gave up equality with God
        • I Cor 15:22-28 - That equality have gave up eternally
      3. Think of this great sacrifice next time at communion
    4. No Priest ever sacrificed himself
    5. This will be developed more later in this study
  3. I had a 74 Gremlin, smelled like fish
    1. No one would go home with me when I offered a ride
    2. Tried a spray air freshener on it
    3. Was bad, until I used enough to cover up that smell
    4. Kept having to use it, because that smell kept coming back
  4. That is what the High Preists sacrifices were like (10:11-14)
    1. It was an atoning sacrifice (covering), only lasted a year
    2. Jesus sacrifice works once for all
    3. If you are slipping, itís time to come back, repent.
    4. Price has been paid for your sin, just need to accept it in trusting obedience

III. Jesus has a greater Salvation

  1. It comes because of his appointment, all High Priests appointed from among Men
  2. A new idea is introduced whihc will be developed in Chapter 7
    1. 5:5-6 - Not only appointed as Son, but High Priest (after Melchezidek)
    2. Melchezidek was a King and a Priest, who didnít belong to Aaronís Preisthood
    3. Sonship and Preisthood are combined here
      1. Also combined at 4:14
      2. Also will be in chapter 7
      3. Christ superior sonship is tied to his superior preisthood
        1. Offered himself as the perfect sacrifice
        2. Is now highly exalted at Godís right hand
        3. From there he makes intercesion for us (I John 2:1)
    4. It is a greater salvation because
      1. It is eternal (not just yearly)
      2. He continually intercedes for us
  3. Song - ďJesus Paid it ALLĒ
  4. Because Jesus went through school of suffering & made perfect
    1. He became the source of eternal salvation
      1. It is a great Salvation because it is grace freely given to all
      2. Jesus has done his part, now it is up to us to accept it
    2. You have to draw near to the Throne of Grace, to find this mercy
    3. Have you come to the source of eternal salvation. Are you still there?


  1. If you havnít drawn near to the throne of Grace, today is the day to come back
  2. Since Jesus is the source of Salvation, you MUST draw near to the source
  3. Great High Priest
    1. He gives a Greater Sympathy
    2. He gave a Greater Sacrifice
    3. He offers a Greater Salvation
  4. How near to God are you today?
    1. Do you feel like a failure, keep messing up (quit beating self up and draw near)
    2. Do you feel farther away from God (He didnít move, trun around and draw near)
    3. Letís read 4:16 again
  5. Today is the day.