Sermon:  Rule of God (pt 2)

	a.  Reign of God - All rule belongs to God
	b.  God gave some authority to mankind at the beginning
	c.  God gave authority to his kings
	d.  Mankind failed to rule justly, righteously, and according to God's will
	e.  God allowed his people to lost all authority and to be captives
	f.  But God promised he would restore

I.  What is God going to do?
	A.  Dan 2:44-45 - Kingdom become a mountain
	B.  Dan 7:8-14 - One like a son of man, comes to rule
	C.  Ezek 37:22-28 - New kingdom, David a larger than life figure, symbol
	D.  Zech 14:9-11 - Lord will be king, no more curse, dwell in security
	E.  God would one day re-establish his royal rule, and it will be universal

II.  Did God do this?
	A.  Mk 1:14-15 - Jesus preached Kingdom/Reign of God is at hand
		1.  Jesus displays the universal power of God
			a.  Heavens ripped open (Mk 1:10)
			b.  Healings and casting out of demons (Mk 2)
			c.  Binds the strong man and sets the captives free (Mk 3:27)
		2.  Mk 9:1 - Some not taste death till after see it come with power
 			a.  Is this talking about the display in Acts 2?
			b.  Is it talking about his death, burial, and RESURRECTION
				-  It was through this act Jesus destroyed strongholds
				-  He binds the strong man and sets captives free
			c.  Not just heavens ripped open, but veil is ripped open, 
			     access to God in a new and living way - through power of 
		3.  Jesus ushered in the reign of God in his ministry
	B.  Some are confused about the timing 
		1.  Some still look for it to come
		2.  A lot of fanciful theories attached to it (Left Behind Series)
		3.  Some believe literally reign be established in Jerusalem
			a.  World power, Jerusalem the capital
			b.  Old Testament Temple rebuilt
			c.  Sacrificial system reinstated
			d.  Problem - Says that Jesus blood is not enough
	C.  Confusion about the timing is connected to confusion about nature of it
		1.  Luke 17:20-21 - Lit:  “The kingdom of God inside of you is!”
			a.  Not about geography, politics, military power, etc.
			b.  It is about the reign of God in a people
			c.  This transcends geography, politics, ethnic identity, etc.
		2.  This why Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world, Jn 18:36
	D.  The reign of God has come with Jesus, who is conquering, liberating 
	       king - God brought about his reign through Christ

III.  There is still a real sense in which the reign of God is yet to come
	A.  Unless you stand back and look at big picture, it can be confusing
		1.  Lk 11:2 - Prays Thy kingdom come
			a.  Many say we cannot pray this part of the prayer
			b.  Why?  Kingdom is already here!
		2.  Lk 11:20 - If I cast out demons by the finger of God, then the 
		     kingdom of God has come (past tense) upon you.
			a.  Looks like Kingdom of God happened in these verses?
			b.  Jesus displays power, heals, frees, establish reign of God
		3.  There is a sense in which the coming of the renewed Reign of 
		      God is a "process" that began with the ministry of Christ 
	B.  More passages showing that the kingdom/reign is still future:
		1.  Eph 5:5 - For this you know with certainty, that no immoral or 
		      impure person or covetous man, who is an idolater has an 
		      inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God
		2.  2 Tim 4:18 - The Lord will deliver me from every evil deed, and 
		     will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom;
		3.  2 Pet 1:10-11 - the entrance into the eternal kingdom of our 
		     Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be abundantly supplied to you.
		4.  Rev 11:15 - 7th trumpet - The kingdom comes, finally
		5.  Rev 21 - New Jerusalem finally comes, God on throne (Rv 22:3)
	C.  Has the kingdom still come, or is it to come?  Answer --  Yes
		1.  It came with power through Christ - ushered in the reign of God
		2.  There is a sense in which it is still to come
		3.  Reign of God has come, and it will be consummated when…
			a.  1 Cor 15:24-26 - Hands over kingdom/reign to God
			b.  When he has abolished all rule and authority and power
			c.  This is the universal reign of God
				- All rival powers will be thrown into lake of fire
		4.  God's "universal" reign is what the prophets prophesied of
IV.  How do you enter the kingdom, participate in God's reign?
	A.  Mark 1 - “Repent, and trust the Gospel” - And they followed him
		- First of all, must follow the footsteps of the king
	B.  If reign of God is "in us" as Jesus said, what should it look like in us?
		1.  Mark 10:35-45 - Disciples had the wrong idea
			a.  Wanted to rule, to reign with Christ - Wrong idea about it
			b.  Not just to be given out for the asking
			c.  Are you able to drink my cup?  -- Had to "drink" his cup
		2.  Phil 2:3-11 - Jesus served, humble & obedient to death, then 
		     exalted as Lord - THAT is the cup of greatness
		3.  Mt 5:3 - Blessed poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of 
	C.  Not about wielding brute force, but something more powerful
		1.  Power of humility, of sacrifice
		2.  Power of selfless service, of redemptive suffering
		3.  Power of the drinking the cup of our Lord, the suffering servant
	D.  Will talk some more about what it means to participate in the reign of 
	      Christ next time

1.  Even though man has failed at ruling, God has restored his righteous and just rule through 
Jesus Christ who is the King
2.  Jesus ushered in the Reign of God, which will be finally consummated when the last trumpet 
sounds and he abolished all rule, authority, and power and hand his reign over to God
3.  Participating in the reign of God is not about weilding power in the way world thinks of it