Title: God’s Gaurdians

Focus: Since the very beginning of creation, God has designated that man be gaurdians of his creation which includes not only the earth itself, but also our fellow man.

Function: To motivate the hearers to heal hurts, wounds and inequities of those around them.

Text: Genesis 1:26-31; Gal 6:1-2

1.  Why did God create humans.  What is their purpose?
2.  Is this an important question?
3.  If you do not know the purpose of something, can be bad

I.  Does the Creation account tell us anything? (Genesis 1:26-31)
	A.  God saw it “very good” after making man
		1.  Why?  Notice the commands
		2.  Be fruitful and multiply.  Why?
		3.  To fill the earth.  Why?
		4.  To rule over it as a gaurdian
	B.  They were to subdue it and rule over it
		1.  Rule, not “Malak” but “Yarad” - Means to “lead”
		2.  God designed mankind to subdue and lead the whole earth
		3.  Does this mean they own the world?  (Gen 2:15)
			a.  Cultivate - (“Abad” - To serve) - He to serve it 
			b.  “Keep” is “Shamar” - To keep, observe, guard
			c.  He was to tend to it and be gaurdian of it
		4.  As a “ruler” he is a servant and gaurdian
	C.  What went wrong  (Gen 3:1-7)
		1.  What was wrong with the desire to be like God?
			a.  Aren’t we supposed to be Godly anyway?
			b.  Doesn’t God say to be Holy for I am holy?
		2.  If mankind is gaurdian, wouldn’t it make sense to be like God?
		3.  They disobeyed a direct prohibition from God
		4.  Then they know evil in a most personal way
	D.  They forgot who God is
		1.  They did not own the world
		2.  They were guardians of it

II.  The same lesson is taught in the Cain and Abel stories (Gen 4:1-7)
	A.  Why did God not “look at (Sha’ah)” Cain’s offering
	B.  Abel brought the “firstlings”
		1.  Abel gave God the first and best, Cain did not
		2.  But Cain worked hard, should he not save best for himself?
		3.  Cain lost sight that the earth is the Lord’s, he a gaurdian
		4.  (Gen 4:8-10) - Am I my brother’s keeper? (Shomer - Gaurdian)
	C.  They were supposed to be gaurdian for the owner, God
		1.  Syn Guardian:  sentinel, defender, sustainer, advocate
		2.  The implication is that they were to treat it well and maintain it
		3.  Laws were in place concerning the land
			a.  Every 7 years, Sabbath year, no planting (Lev 25)
			b.  Not muzzle ox while threshing (Dt 25:4)
	D.  But now we see that it extends to even people
		1.  Am I my BROTHER’S keeper (shomer)
		2.  God’s reponse implies he is
		3.  So is makind to be guardian of not only the earth, but of man?

III.  Some Laws may give an answer to the question
	A.  Lev 25 - Year of Jubilee
		1.  Prevents monopoly of rich families
		2.  All sold land reverts to original owners
	B.  Dt 15:7-11 - Give freely to poor brother, not interest
	C.  Dt 24:17-22 - Not pervert justice
		1.  Part of it involves leaving some produce for poor
		2.  Motive - God of justice who delivered them from injustice
	D.  Amos 
		1.  v.5:11-12 - They not being “gaurdians” of their brethren
		2.  v.16-17 - As God “passed through” Egypt, he will pass through
		3.  v.21-24- Not sacrifice, but Let justice roll down like waters

IV.  Is there a concern for gaurdianship in the New Testament?
	A.  The New Testament is full of it
		1. 1 Pet 2:25 - Returned to shepherd and gaurdian (overseer)
		2.  Elders are called overseers (1 Tim 3:1)
	B.  We are all called to be gaurdians even in the New Testament
		1.  Heb 12:15 - See to it that no one comes short of the grace of God
			a.  “See to it” - episkopeo - vb form of episkopos
			b.  Context:  v.12-14
				- Strengthen weak knees
				- Promote healing
		2.  Jas 1:27 - To “visit” orphans and widows (episkeptomai)
		3.  1 Thess 5:14-15 - We are gaurdians
	C.  Gal 6:1-2 

1.  This is not just a worship club
2.  Am I my brother’s keeper/gaurdian?  Yes I am
3.  Just as God gave Adam, Cain, Abel, Israel many good things, they neede to
realize they not the owners, but guardians
4.  God has given us the kingdom, salvation, spirit, homes, time, money,
	a.  Who am I looking out for?
	b.  If have trouble answering, this sermon is for you
5.  Bible calls us the “household” or “family” of God for a reason

6.  Are you a part of the family of God?