Title: The Garage is not for Christians

Purpose: To motivate the hearers to be faithful in their service to God

	1.  Paul wrote to Christians in order to remind them of their blessings
		a.  We need not be spiritually deprived
		b.  Verse 3-14 is one long sentence of praise
	2.  Text:  Ephesians 1:1-4
	3.  God gives us every spiritual blessing.  Why?  Reasons:

I.  To fulfill his purpose
	A.  We typically use this passage for evangelisim to show the blessings “in 
	B.  Paul emphasizes God’s power, choice and mercy
		1.  “Blessed” be God
			a.  The greek word for blessing is eulogetos, from where we get 
			      our word “eulogy”
			b.  It means sometime like, “to speak a good word”
		2.  Blessed be God for his choice
			a.  GOD chose us
				1)  Initially, he chose Israel (Dt 7:6-8)
				2)  Now he has chosen Christians.  
				3)  Our being “in Christ” is God’s doing
			b.  God CHOSE us
				1)  Before the foundation of the world
				2)  Rev. 13:8 - Names written in book of life from the 
				      foundation of the world
	C.  Psalm 139
	D.  God chose US
		1.  Does not say God chose some and not others
		2.  God chose humans
			a.  Heb 2:16 - Redemption for humans, not angels
			b.  We are made in his image, unlike angels
			c.  We are not “worms”, though we feel like it
		3.  God chose humans “in Christ”, which is what he purposed
			- But how did this happen?

II.  To be In Him
	A.  “In Him” is a key phrase in Ephesians
	B.  But what does this mean?
		1.  Union with Christ (song:  Into my heart, come into my heart )
		2.  Galatians 3:26-27 - Union through faith in baptism
	C.  Doctrine of elections is confusing
		1.  The kids here went to Eden Park nursing home and chose to be with 
		     them and spend time with them
		2.  Did not determine who would be in Eden Park though
	D.  John 3:23-24; 4:15 - How we know we are in Christ continually
		- But what is the purpose of this choosing?

III.  God chose us in order to be Holy and blameless
	A.  Chose us to be holy
		1.  Didn’t just choose us for salvation
		2.  Text literally says “he himself” chose us, or “HE! chose us”
		3.  Isaiah 43:5-7 - We are all made for God’s glory
	B.  He chose us to be blameless
		1.  Literally, text says “without blemish”
		2.  Word is often used of a sacrificial lamb, “without blemish”
		3.  Cannot be holy (dedicated) to God if we are blemished
	C.  My Aunt Rosie had an old town car with the wheels that had spokes
		1.  I still remember that car and how it stood out
		2.  She finally got to old to drive, and eventually sold it to someone
		3.  She got so upset, because they guy painted and fixed it up nice, but 
		      only drove it in parades and such.
		4.  She thought he needed a car, so she sold it to him
	D.  We have been cleansed, set apart, but God does not intend for us to stay in 
	      the garage.

	1.  God’s purpose was to chose us in him to be holy and blameless
	2.  Come out of the garage