Small Group Questions:  Jesus is Immanuel

Summary:  God no longer comes near through a burning bush, tabernacle, prophet, or
vision.  He has come near through Jesus, who is God in the flesh, in order to reconcile us
to him so that we can serve him and also carry the message of reconciliation to others.

Open  (Choose one):
- If you could meet anyone face to face, who would it be? 
- Who has been the closest friend you have had?


1.  Exo 33:18-23.  Can you relate to Moses' desire to see God face to face?  Have you
ever wished you could be before God face to face?

2.  Exo 25:21-22.  At Sinai, how did God come near?   What sorts of provisions did he
make to enable the people to draw near to him?  

3.  What challenges were there for God and the people to draw near together?

4.  John 1:1-14.  This passage gives a run down on how God ultimately drew near.  What
amazes you about this when you contemplate it?  How is this the best way for God and us
to draw near to each other?


5.  What can you do to draw near to God?  What challenges do you face in drawing near
to God?

6.  What are some ways God can use you to help others draw near to God?  How does
how Jesus helped others to draw near to God give you guidance for this?

7.  What is God calling you to do right now?

Meditate on Eccl. 5:1 for your prayer