Title: What it Means to be Destroyed
Purpose: To motivate Christians to turn to Jesus for rescue

Intro:	1.  Bible uses some frightening words to describe Hell (Rev. 14:14-20)
		a.  Mt 25:46 - Eternal Punishment
		b.  Heb 6:2 - Eternal Judgment (KJV - Damnation)
		c.  Mt 18:8 - Eternal Fire
		d.  Mk 9:44 - Where the fire is not quenched
		e.  2 Thess 1:9 - Eternal Destruction
			- Destruction is not annihilation
			- Matt 15:24 - Sent to the “lost” (same word) house of the sheep of Israel
			- Matt 9:17 - The wineskins are “ruined” (same word)
	2.  The Bible says Hell is a place of eternal destruction, or ruination, not annihilation
	3.  Several kinds of destruction

I.  Destruction of your Relevance
	A.  Everyone wants to have a purpose, fit in and be special
	B.  However, in Hell there will be an emotional torment forever
		1.  The word used for Hell is "Gehenna" - Which was the city dump where they 
		    burned their trash and refuse
		2.  I Remember making trips to the dump
			a.  Did we feel bad about throwing the stuff away?  No.
			b.  It was useless garbage
	C.  Counselors dealing with those that have poor self-image
		1.  We say to see self as God sees you
		2.  God places a high value on you
	D.  Not so in Hell
		1.  You will no longer be relevant
			a.  You have been dumped as worthless, putrid, ugly, broke, garbage
			b.  YOu will know that you are now considered as refuse
		2.  Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth
			a.  Sound of frustration and regret and remorse.
			b.  But doesn’t last long, we learn a lesson and do better next time
		3.  There is no next time in Hell.  Gnashing goes on forever.
		4.  And you sit there, a piece of trash in the city dump for eternity, going
		     over and over in your mind how you blew it!

You don’t want to go there!

II.  Destruction of any Relief
	A.  Hell is also a place of physical pain with no relief
	B.  Luke 16:19-26
		1.  Torment in the fire of Hell
		2.  All he asked for was just the little relief from a drop of water
		3.  Rev 19:20 - Called a lake of Fire and Brimstone
		4.  Rev. 14:11 - Smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever, and there is
		    no rest day and night
	C.  Take someone from coldest part of Hell, put him in the hottest burning furnace on
	    earth, he will freeze to death.
	D.  Have you experienced physical pain?
		1.  I’ve burned my hand on stove, hit my finger with hammer, etc.
		2.  But it soon subsides.  Band aid, salve, cold water, etc.
		3.  But there is not ONE drop of water in Hell

You don’t want to go there.

III.  Destruction of Relationships
	A.  Some have come up with the idea that Hell will be full of parties 
		1.  Poker games, drunken orgies, drugs, frat parties, etc.
		2.  Some people jokingly say   “see you in Hell” and laugh
		3.  THAT IS A SATANIC LIE, Hell is a place of Torment
	B.  When I was in Hospital after ear surgery
		1.  Was in pain, was rude to nurses
		2.  A lady was in the area, came by to visit.  
		3.  I was rather rude, did not want visitors, I was in pain
	C.  People are going to be so wrapped up in their own emotional and physical anguish
		1.  Will be weeping, gnashing of teeth, pain in the flames
		2.  Mk 9:48 - Where their worm does not die - Maggot infestation
		3.  They could care less about their neighbor
		4.  Bear one another’s burdens will be a thing of the past
	D.  You will not want any company
		1.  Luke 16:27ff - Lazarus begs God to send Lazarus to warn his brothers
		2.  He didn’t want them there to comfort him

You don’t want to go there

IV.  Destruction of Reconciliation
	A.  While on earth, there is always hope of reconciliation with God.  Not so in Hell.
	B.  Explanation
		1.  2 Thess 1:6-10
			a.  Eternal destruction, AWAY from the presence of the Lord
			b.  So what?  Someone may say, I am away from Him now
			c.  You live on his earth, breathe his air, enjoy his sunshine. etc.
		2.  Even the most wicked child molesting, theiveing, lying criminal on earth
			a.  Still lives in a world where God’s sun shines on both the just and 
			     unjust (Mt 5:45)
			b.  He can wake up in prison and go to window, see trees, sun, sky
			c.  God restrains Satan and evil on this earth, he intervenes (Rev. 21)
	C.  Remember having a huge friend, Joe in Junior High
		1.  There was a bully who used ot wait for me, bu Joseph always stopped him
		2.  I was so glad to have Joe as a friend.
		3.  God keeps Satan at bay from his people
	D.  In Hell God no longer intervenes
		1.  God is gone, forever
		2.  That is why Hell is called bottomless pit (Abyss)
			a.  Fall away from God forever and ever
			b.  No one to pull you out anymore
		3.  That is why it is called the “outer darkness”
			a.  Darkness, hopelessness,  not see anyone or anything
			b.  Confusion, futility
			c.  MORNING NEVER COMES!  (No recociliation)
		4.  YOu will not be Satan’s budy, he hates you
			a.  Could not get to God, so he went after you
			b.  You look like God (in his image), he will be reminded of God every 
			      time he looks at you
			c.  He will torment you forever!

You don’t want to go there

1.  Because it is a place of destruction
	a.  Of your relevance, you are now trash
	b.  Of your releif - No rest from physical torture
	c.  Of your relationships - You will not have any fellowship in Heaven
	d.  Of your reconciliation - God is gone forever, and Satan will torture you

2.  Not Annililation

3.  What so horrible crime to go there?  
	a.  Ignore Jesus and disobey
	b.  Do nothing

4.  You are faced with the cross of Jesus today.
	Are you going to pick it up, or ignore it?

5.  Gospel:  
	a.  Rom 5:3-11 - God’s part
	b.  Rom 6:1-7, 21-22 - Our part

6.  Will you take the Broad Road or Narrow Road?