Small Group Questions:  A Good Start      Luke 3:21-22

Summary:  Jesus is the perfect example of what it means to be a person of prayer.  Jesus
prayed often in many types of situations.  He began, continued, and ended his ministry in prayer. 
At the begnning of his ministry, God responded to Jesus prayer by opening the Heavens and
giving him affirmation as his beloved son.  We need to begin, continue, and end each day in
prayer, and God will “open the Heavens,” listen to our prayers, and empower us with the
assurance that we are his beloved children.

Optional Ice Breakers (choose one)
-  What was the most memorable prayer you can remember?
-  What usually helps to give you confidence?

Explore:  Luke 3:21-22

1.  Why do you suppose God said, “YOU are my son...” instead of “THIS is my
son...” as he does in Luke 9:35?

2.  Why do you think Jesus prayed at this time?  What prompted Jesus to pray at
other times in his life?  (5:16; 6:12; 9:16, 28; 22:41; 23:34, 46; 24:30).  What do
all of these motivators have in common?

3.  When we pray, how important is what motivates us to pray?  Explain.  (You
may want to reflect also on Psalm 73:28, James 4:3 and 1 John 5:14)

4.  Is there any relationship between how God responds while Jesus is praying
in Luke 3:22 and what happens in Acts 4:31?


5.  How has God empowered you through your prayer life in the past?

6.  What if you ask God for something earnestly and nothing happens?  Is there
a problem or not?  Why?

7.  What areas of your prayer life is the strongest?  What is the weakest?  Why?  

8.  What motivates you to pray?  What can you do to adjust the motivations
behind your prayer life and improve it?

9.  What do you need to pray for the most in your life at this time?