Title: The God of the Second Chance
Purpose: To motivate Lukewarm Christians to Rededicate their lives to Christ

Intro:	1.  Santa brings new Vacuum to a mom.  Kept going on and off!  Plugged into Xmas blinker
	2.  Godís people have been on and off like that, They shine, then go off
	3.  On New Years, people think about starting over and making resolutions

I.  David
	A.  What remember about David
		1.  Kidís remember David and Goliath.  Davidís finest hour
		2.  Bible tells of his lowest hour (2 Sam 11-12)
	B.  David didnít just stumble, he plotted and schemed
		1.  He committed Adultery, Murder and then lied about it
		2.  Two of these were capital crimes
		3.  Yet notice 2 Sam 12:13
	C.  God is just, but God is also merciful

II.  Jacob
	A.  Difficult to find his finest hour
	B.  Facts about Jacob
		1.  His name meant ďdeceiverĒ, stole brotherís blessing (Gen 27:36)
		2.  He made deals with God (Gen 28:20)
		3.  Bad husband (Loved Rachael more Gen 29:31)
		4.  Bad Father (Favorite young son, Ge. 37:3)
			- Left Simeon in jail (Gen 42:38)
		5.  Idolater (Gen 35:1-2)
	C.  What God did (Gen 32:24-30)
		1.  God changed his name from Jacob to Israel (Godí strives)
		2.  He was preserved from Esau (chap 33)

III.  Peter
	A.  Closest friend of Jesus
	B.  Jesus teaching on confession  (Mt 10:32-33)
		1.  Confess Jesus, and Jesu confess you to God 
		2.  Context - Confession will bring conflict, excommunication or death
	C.  Was Peter always loyal to Christ?  (Mt 26:69-75)
	D.  Was Peterís denial the end for Peter?
		1.  John 21  (He still had the keys to the Kingdom)
		2.  Acts 1-2 - One of the 12 still.  Also preached first sermon

IV.  Paul
	A.  Acts 8:1-3 - Persecuted Christians, dragging off men and women
	B.  Acts 9 - Converted, became Apostle to Gentiles

V.  Prodigal Son
	A.  Lk 15:1-32
	B.  Facts
		1.  Wanted his share while Father still alive, couldnít wait
		2.  Loose living, wasted it all.  Shamed self and father
		3.  Wanted to go back as a slave to Father
		4.  Father celebrated with fatted calf

VI.  Godís People
	A.  Ex 32:7-14 - Israel in the Desert
	B.  Amos 9:8-15 Second chance again (Jer 29:10 - 70 years)
	C.  Is 54:4-8 - Promise of Restoration
	D.  Jud 2:11-19 - So many, many second chances (God is patient)

VII.  Gentiles - Is 43:1-13 - Thatís us

1.  God is a God of 2nd chances
2.  Facing new year, new century, new millenium
	a.  Last 2 milleniums - Many 2nd chances
	b.  God is gracious and patient
	c.  With the coming of every 2nd chance, time runs shorter

3.  Look back at own life
	a.  Even if youíve squandered all, disgraced Father, denied Christ, even if commited 
	     adultery or even murder, God is giving you a second chance
	b.  That is what the baby in the manger is all about - Consolation of Israel

4.  Look back at church life
	a.  Even when we stray away from our purpose and squander opportunity
	b.  God rejoice when we return to our purpose and fulfill our purpose

5.  We need to plan for the years ahead
	a.  God did not meet his purpose without a plan
	b.  Nothing happens without a plan
	c.  God wants us to meet our purpose with a plan

6.  Next Sunday a special Sunday, to share our plans