Title:  Jesus our Warrior

Text:  Rev 19:11-21

Focus:  Jesus is a warrior who has defeated Satan and will come and deliver his
people.  His spoils of war include gifts he has given to us in order to wage
spiritual warfare while on this earth.  

Function:  To motivate the hearers to use the gifts they have in order to
strengthen each other in this spiritual struggle on this earth

1.  What do you think of when you hear the name Jesus?
	a.  Meek and Mild lamb of God
	b.  Serene skinny hippie not capable of violent thought
	c.  Melencholy
2.  Son of God
	a.  Connotation - Title for Kings
	b.  (Ps 2) - Coronation of Yahweh’s king
	c.  Appointed by Yahweh, therefore invicible
	d.  Son of God refers to delegation of authority on the king
3.  Psa 2 appropriated for Jesus
	a.  Son of God not just some feel good term
	b.  Brought images of power, hope, deliverance
	c.  Psalm 2 incorporates military imagery with Son of God
4.  Many do not think of our Lord in military terms
	a.  Yet we sing songs using military imagery
		- Soldiers of Christ Arise
		- The Battle Belongs to the Lord
		- His Banner over us is Love
	b.  Will look at 3 passages that use military imagery and what they tell us

I.  Jas 5:1-7a  - Our God is the Lord of Hosts
	A.  Directed not at brethren, but rich who oppress the poor
		1.  Their luxury was the result of oppression
			a.  Their luxeries will fail them
			b.  Their riches will be brought out as evidence against them
		2.  The cry of those they oppressed reached God
	B.  God hears the cry of the downcast
		1.  Many Examples
			a.  Cry of Abels blood from the ground
			b.  Israel in Egypt  Exo 3:7
			c.  Israel when fighting Philistines  1 Sam 9:16
			d.  Israel at hands of Chaldeans  Hab 2:11
		2.  What does God do when he hears these cries?
			a. (2 Sam 22:7-20) - Military Imagery 
				- Exo 15:3 - Yahweh is Warrior
				- He helped David defeat Goliath’s sons
			b.  “Lord of Hosts” appears many, many times
				- Hebrew:  Yahweh Sabaoth - Lord of Armies
				- Yahweh the Warrior comes
	B.  Back to James 5 - See it in new light
		1.  Cry has reached the Lord of Hosts 
		2.  That is bad news for the oppressors
		3.  v.7 - Coming of the Lord = Judgement on evil doers
	C.  Many have a warped or incomplete view on God
		1.  Some see him as divine grandpa in rocking chair
		2.  Some see him as divine policeman
		3.  Some see him as divine Santa Claus
		4.  But he is also the Lord of Hosts
	D.  Exhortation:  Be Patient

II.  What about Jesus?  Is he a warrior?
	A.  We know that God and Jesus are one
		1.  Some not want to think of Jesus as anything more than lamb
		2.  In Greek, 2 words for lamb
			a.  One always refers to the Passover lamb
			b.  In Rev - Another word is used (arnion)
			c.  Image of a lamb “standing” and worshipped
			d.  This is conquering lamb
	B.  (Rev. 19:11-21) - Let the picture sink into your mind, hear hoof beats
		1.  Usually picture him on a donkey
			a.  Horse an animal of war
			b.  He is coming to wage war
		2.  Military imagery may seem repulsive
			- Expected, due to our upbringing
		3.  But to those severely oppressed, this a welcome sight
	C.  In Modern day imagery
		1.  Picture Jesus flying at head of formation of F-16
		2.  Or out front leading a troop of heavenly soldiers
		3.  Leading a Tank Brigade
	D.  I still like the image of him on a white horse
		1.  Makes your heart beat a little quicker
		2.  Image of him doing hand to hand combat
		3.  Swoops up his bride and takes her home
		4.  What does all this mean? ...

III.  Eph 4:7-10 - Jesus’ Battle
	A.  This is speaking of Jesus battle at “calvary”
		1.  Death, Burial, Resurrection - Defeated Satan and Death
		2.  Col 2:15 - Made public display of rulers and authorities
		3.  Often times would give gifts out after victory
	B.  (Eph 4:11-16) - The purpose of the gifts
		1.  Equipping for work of service
		2.  To build up the body
		3.  Maturity & Discernment
			 v.16 - Everyone has a part
	C.  Battleplan is relatively simple
		1.  Speak Truth in Love
		2.  Serve one another
		3.  Knowing Christ

1.  Who is Jesus?  Son of God - Warrior - Messiah (Annointed)
2.  He is coming back
3.  Are you ready?