Title: Who am I? (part 2)
Purpose: Teach Christian who they are so they can be steadfast

Intro:	1.  Plane on runway for hours
		a.  Finally let passengers off of the plane to wait in terminal
		b.  One blind man with dog stayed seated
		c.  Look like he had flown this flight before, pilot asked, “would
		    you like to get off?”
		d.  No, bu my dog might.
		e.  Next scene, Pilot walks off the ramp with seeing eye dog
		f.  Passengers scramble to change their ticket
		g.  A little inquiry would have cleared up the misunderstanding
	2.  People misunderstand about their Christianity.  Inquiry clear it up
	3.  Do you want to learn more about what it means to be a Christian?
	4.  Text 2 Timothy 2:3-6.  As a Christian I have a purpose

I.  My purpose is to Conquer
	A.  Christians are to be a “good” soldier
	B.  What is a good soldier
		1.  Involved in struggle - “Suffer Hardship”
			a.  From day one in Basic Training, the soldier is involved in hardship
			b.  Acts 14:22 - Through many tribulations we must enter the Kingdom
			c.  Two types of struggle
				- With self - Be tempted to break rank, quit, desert
				- With the enemy - Will try to kill you spiritually
		2.  Has an allegiance - They don’t get entangled in every-day affairs
			a.  They meant it when they took the oath
			b.  Even though they are not of this world & go to exotic places
		3.  Titus 3:9-11
			a.  This is what happens when a Christian forget’s his allegiance
			b.  This is what happens when they get entangled and forget
		4.  John 18:36 - My Kingdom is not of this world, they would be fighting.... what?
		5.  Ephesians 6:10-17 - Spiritual Battle, not against people
			a.  Shod feet with the Gospel of peace
				- Jesus said “Go”
				- We are on a rescue mission with the Gospel
			b.  Sheild of Faith
				- This is the victory that has overcome the world-our faith (I Jn5:4)
				- Sheilds were covered with pitch to extinguish flaming arrows
				- Satan will shoot arrows of temptation, disouragement, anger...
			c.  Helmet of Salvation (I Thess 5:8 - Helmet is hope of Salvation)
				- Satan is called the accuser in Rev 12:10
				- Price has been paid, he can’t hurt us any more
			d.  Sword of the Spirit - the Word of God
				- Even with protective armor, need offensive weapon
				- Have to use word of God to battle
	C.  Gordon Gaynon came to visit
		1.  Here is a man who does whatever he can for the Lord
		2.  He has had his life threatened twice in the inner city
		3.  It didn’t stop him
	D.  What do you do when Satan tries to shake you up?
		1.  Don’t break rank, stay in formation with God’s army
		2.  Am I a good soldier of the cross?
		3.  What is my objective?  Who have I tried to rescue?
		4.  You can’t rescue without having feet shod with the Gospel of peace!!!

II.  My purpose is to with the Crown
	A.  A good athelete concentrates on that prize.  (today, would call it a “gold medal”)
	B.  What must an Athelete do to get it?
		1.  He must compete - (athlesin also translates as tribulation, or struggle)
		2.  He must compete according to the rules    
			a.  You cannot cheat and cross the finish line
			b.  Try to knock down other runners with self righteousness 
				     thinking they can win in that way
			c.  Others try to find another track to run on
			d.  Some just don’t run at all
			e.  You have to stay on the track and run
		3.  I Corinthians 9:24-27 - In order to win
			a. Competes (agonizomai)
				- No pain, no gain.
				- Give things up, like an olympic runner
			b.  Self control in all things
			c.  Run with purpose
			d.  Beat my body
			e.  I Cor 6:9-11 - Stay pure
		4.  Heb 12:1-2
			a.  Lay aside every encumberance and the sin which entagles
			b.  Run with endurance - Long Haul, a marathon
			c.  Fix eyes on Jesus
	C.  ILL:  Dad and son jogging in unfamiliar territory
		1.  A big dog sees them and bounds out after them.
		2.  Dad is unphased, child turns and stumbles trying to get away from the Dog
		3.  Just then the dog is stopped by his leash
		4.  The son didn’t know about the leash, the Dad did
		5.  Satan is a giant barker, but he is leashed, God has limited Him
			a.  Satan wants to fool you into thinking he can really harm you
			b.  Satan will try and do everything to trip you up
		6.  Fix eyes on Jesus, don’t let Satan trip you up
	D.  Am I a good Athlete
		1.  Am I fixed on the goal?
		2.  Have I layed aside every weight of sin, or do I let them trip me up?

III.  My purpose is to tend God’s field
	A.  Hard work and Farming are practically synonymns
	B.  The farming metaphor
		1.  Most say “I am a farmer”, not “I farm”, it is who you are
		2.  Farmer is never off the clock
			a.  Prepared to work at any hour (no overtime pay)
			b.  They live with their work
		3.  Good farmer is not spazmodic, but is patient
			a.  I Cor 3:5-8 - God causes the growth
			b.  James 5:7 - The farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil
			c.  Flurry of activity clearing, plowing, planting, then wait - Nothing
	C.  ILL:  That’s what the little girl taking piano lessons said
		1.  Music teacher was teaching her music theory
		2.  SHe showed the little girl all the notes, staffs, etc.
		3.  Then she asked her if she knew what the rests were
		4.  Sure, she said, that’s when nothing happens
		5.  The teacher corrected her:  No, the rest is every part of the music as the 
		     notes are.  Without the rests, the song would not be what it is
	D.  So it is with us, we must learn to be patient
		1.  Some say, “I’ve worked and worked”, and nothing happens
		2.  Be patient, keep working hard
		3.  Heb 6:10 - God is not unjust so as to forget your work
		4.  don’t forget your purpose as a Christian

1.  Your purpose as a Christian is to
	a.  Conquer as a soldier
		- It means you are in enemy territory 
		- rescue victims and don’t become one
	b.  Win the crown as an athelete - It means you will struggle
	c.  Get your share of the crop as a farmer - It means you will need patience
2.  Harvest time is coming
	a.  We as farmers are to plow in hope ( I Cor 9:10)
	b.  Hope does not dissappoint (Rom 5:5)
3.  The finish line is waiting (2 Timothy 4:6-8)
4.  Victory has already been decreed: (Rom 8:31-39)

5.  There is no reason to live an impotent fearful life

6.  Remember your purpose every single day

7.  Have I been a good soldier, athelete, and farmer?