Title: Victory is Coming!
Purpose: To inspire steadfastness in service

  1. A news story about homeless drunk. Dept. Store, Paid for new apt. new job, etc.
  2. Were waiting with News crews on Monday for first day on job. Found that evening asleep in alley, clothes a little soiled, not so magificent, drunk.
  3. Changing the outside does nothing to the inside
  4. Context: Shadows & Reality, Better Covenant, High Priestly work
  5. Much repetition (Preachers skip over to be interesting, not dull - Dull of hearing)
  6. Chap 10 concludes exposition of better covenant Heb 10:1-18
  7. Couldnít continue under old covenant
  8. Under the New Covenant, Victory is coming!

I. Jesus Christ sanctifies us (v. 10)

  1. Because of veil, High Preists had to sanctify all things into the tabernacle
  2. At Harding, when they built the new Bible Building, they had a dedication ceremony
    1. It was dedicated into service for its intended purpose
    2. This is what "sanctify" means.
  3. There is a difference
    1. Under the old system, there was the "Tent of Meeting" -It was where God ďmetĒ with the people
    2. Only the Preists could go into tabernacle
    3. Only High Priest could go into the inner sactuary
    4. All people and things had to be "purified" before entering into service
  4. Jesus purified us with his blood
    1. The tent of meeting is now in us, we are Godís temple (I Cor 6:18ff)
    2. We are a Royal Preisthood (I Pet 2)
    3. Jesus has entered into inner sanctuary a forerunner for us (6:20)
    4. Victory is coming!

II. Jesus took away our sins (11-12a)

  1. Jesus died once for all
  2. How is that significant?
    1. Remember that the Old Sacrifices were a shadow (v.1)
    2. Old Sacrifices given year after year
      1. The fact that they had to be offered repeatedly shows inadequate (v.18)
      2. Only a Reminder of sins in them. How?
        • This was a judicial forgiveness, not a taking away of sins
        • It granted forgiveness, but not a removal of the guilt
    3. But why do them, wasnít there any value? Yes as an ďatonementĒ
  3. I lived in a college dorm room at York
    1. Given carpet from a guy on soccer team, smelled like his feet
    2. Finally covered it up with carpet freshener, but it kept coming back
    3. That is how Atonement worked
      1. Atonement literally means ďto coverĒ
      2. They would atone, then sin, then have to atone again
      3. Reminder of the presence of sin in their life
  4. However, Jesus offered one sacrifice for all time (v. 18)
    1. Jesus said ďit is finishedĒ at the cross
    2. What is there for me to do to get salvation if Jesus finished it?
    3. Accept the gift (Rom 6:23)
      1. We often hat accepting gifts we donít deserve (that is arrogant)
      2. We hate feeling indebted
    4. There is not other way but to accept it and KEEP IT (live faithfully 3:12; 4:1)

III. Jesus will destroy the enemy (v.13)

  1. Jesusí enemies will be a footstool for his feet
  2. What does that mean (it has been quoted several times in Hebrews)
    1. This is battle imagery
    2. We donít relate well in a High Tech age
    3. This is an image of a grueling hand to hand combat (not spear throwing)
    4. Enemy is:
      1. I Cor 15:51-57 - Sin and Death
      2. I Cor 15:3-4 - Jesus dealt with sin hand to hand
      3. I Cor 15:25 - Last enemy is death
  3. Some kids get into fights
    1. Brian Emerson - wanted to fight him, he puny and picked on me
    2. David - He picked on me and wanted to fight me. I avoided him
    3. People donít fight battles they know they will lose
  4. Jesus has already determined the outcome for our battle
    1. Yet afraid of being picked on, losing promotion, not climbing ladder, no success
    2. Put on Godís armor, Whom shall I fear, I God be for us...
    3. 1 Cor 15:57 - Thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Jesus Christ our Lord
    4. 2 Cor 2:14 - But thanks be to God who always leads us in His triumph in Christ
    5. We have confidence and assurance (concentrate on reality, not shadows)

IV. He has perfected us (v.14-18)

  1. This is a step beyond sanctification
  2. Jesus offered himself to sanctify us
    1. Sanctify, what does that mean? - To dedicate, make holy to the Lord
    2. Canít really appreciate this without the backgound:
      1. Lev. 16:1-3 - Aaron couldnít come in unless had a sacrifice
      2. Num 16:1-3; 17:12-13 - People could not approach God
    3. Even though Godís people were holy, they could not just approach God. Why? They were not "perfected", not truly clean
  3. Examine how Jesus has perfected us
    1. Old System (v.4-7)
      1. Quote from Ps. 40:6 - Thank offering would have been appropriate
      2. Also Ps. 51:10-17 - Not saying you could refuse the sacrificial system
      3. However, ritual without heart involvement is useless
      4. Old system could not make perfect - 9:13-14 - flesh v.s. conscience
    2. Jesus cleanses our conscience
      1. No more consciousness of sins (v.2)
      2. Sins are removed once for all (v.14)
    3. This passage stresses the inward character of the New Covenant
      1. Godís law is not on stones, but your heart
      2. Godís temple is not a blg. but in you (I Cor 6)
    4. Because we are perfected inwardly, we have access to God
  4. They were like the man in the suit
    1. Outward change, but often there was no inward one
    2. Not a problem for us right?
    3. Donít be like the man in the suit (Rom 12:1-2)


  1. Because he perfected us,. VICTORY IS COMING!
    1. Because Jesus sactifies us to the Father
    2. He removed, not just covered our sins
    3. Jesus will destroy our enemy
    4. He has perfected us
  2. Donít just change into a suit (or shirt and slacks) and come to church
  3. Be diligent to realize full assurance of hope until the end (6:11), hold fast confession (4:14)
  4. Revelation 12:7-11 - VICTORY IS COMING