Title: Throwing it all away
Purpose: To motivate Christian's to be persistent in the walk
  1. Last week - hold fast faith hope and love
  2. This is the 4th exhortation in Hebrews -2:1-4 - drifting ; 3:12-4:16 - disbelief/doubt ; 5:11-6:8 - Dullness ; 10:26 - Insult God
  3. This exhortation tail end of exposition of our Great High Priest
  4. Last week - 3 things we should do --- this week deals with “What if I don’t do it?”
  5. Text - Hebrews 10:26-39
  6. They had been Christians for awhile, and needed endurance
  7. We as Christian need to persist in our these works. Why? Reasons:

I. If we don’t persist, we throw away Jesus (v. 26-31)

  1. The once for all sacrifice which remains no longer remains
  2. Explanation:
    1. Definition of sin (many do not think of self as sinners)
      1. Baseball Pitcher - Can pitch too far (transgression), or fall short (sin)
      2. Not persisting in our faith is falling short, it is SIN
    2. Willful sin throws away our means to God
      1. There no longer remains sacrifice
      2. v.30
        • Quotation originally was to comfort (Dt.32:35-36)
        • Enemies did not want to find themselves on the wrong side of God
      3. Without the sacrfice, all can look forward to is judgement
        • Under the law, died without mercy
        • God’s love is endless, but his judgement is merciless
      4. That was sin under the law, how much worse is it NOW to set aside God’s son?
    3. It is worse because of what this willful sin does:
      1. Tramples under foot the son of God - Have thrown him out, no value
      2. Regards as “unclean” (koinon - Common) the blood of Christ
        • May wonder why “common” is translated as unclean, profane, or unholy
        • When the word is set against what is holy, this word means unholy, or unclean
        • Some people compartmentalize their faith (it is a part of life)
          • Only a Christian on Sunday, don’t bother me with Mon-Sat.
          • That profanes (regards as common) the blood of Christ
          • It puts your faith on par with rest of your common life when your faith should overide and control the rest of your life.
      3. It insults (outrages) the Spirit of grace
        • Paul said - “Shall we continue in sin that grace might increase?” Rom 6:1
        • That is abusing mercy, abusing grace.
  3. Illustrations
    1. My Grandmother was known as flower lady
      1. All children loved her, always brought gifts from the city for everyone
      2. Mom got same gift as everyone else, it infuriated her.
      3. She felt treated as a common kid, not the flower ladies daughter!
    2. Base Commander (was a P.O.W.)
      1. New base commander, came to theater
      2. During the National anthem, everyone was talking, some did not stand, etc.
      3. He stopped the movie and closed the theator for several months.
      4. He suffered and even bled for that flag, the disrespect of it infuriated him
    3. How much more does it infuriate God when we regard his son as “common” by willfully falling short.
  4. Let' get where the Rubber meets the road
    1. Not assembling, not considering one another, not praying, not reading, taking a promotion that keeps you from family and brethren, witholding contribution, work too much overtime and not spending time with your family --- that is falling short
    2. Hit too close to home! (preacher’s job - comfort afflicted, afflict the comfortable)
    3. If you are falling short, have a choice, can continue in it, (throw away Jesus) or repent!

II. Lack of persistence throws away your brethren (32-34)

  1. Relationship to Christ is tied up in your relationship to one another
  2. Text:
    1. Description of their “former” days
      1. Endured a great “conflict” of sufferings
        • “Conflict” athlesin (Athelete) - Athletic Struggle
        • Idea of enduring the grueling contest to win the prize
      2. Their conflict (athletic struggle) involved
        • Were made a public spectacle (theatron) for reproaches (abuse) and tribulations (shows they singled out for abuse)
        • Becoming sharers (koinonon) with those abused, after all, they were brethren
        • Showed sympathy to prisoners (family had to feed and care for)
        • Accepted siezure of property due to their faith with JOY (not just detachment)
    2. Their confidence of all of this was based on the knowledge of having a better and abiding (or enduring) possession! (dont worry about earthly loss)
    3. This is probably al foreign to us. Don’t know the meaning of struggle like this.
  3. We have brethren in Laos to who this passage would be very real to
    1. They were arrested merely for meeting and worshiping God
    2. In prison, they sent messages to the other Christians to NOT stop serving God
    3. They also told everyone not to feel sorry for them, but to keep the faith
  4. Problem with the Hebrew Christians -- they stopped
    1. Were persecuted for faith and for relationship to Christians
    2. Imagine how this affected them if had children
    3. Eventually distanced themselves (stopped assembling)
    4. How different it would be if we knew authorities could come in and haul us away
    5. Must persist in consider one another. How?
      1. Hug, Drop by, Invite home to play UNO, send encouraging notes tell teacher appreciate, those who clean building...
      2. We can do this without molestation in our country!
      3. Don’t treat this gift as common!

III. Lack of persistence throws away your reward (35-39)

  1. Do not throw away confidence which has a great reward!
  2. When persistence is waning, need endurance
    1. Don’t get me wrong, (we have a sacrifice for unintentional sin)
    2. But isn’t all sin really intentional after all?
    3. Notice - 10:32 - If we CONTINUE in intentional sin
      1. Sooner or later, unintentional becomes intentional
      2. Don’t ask where line is, that is dangerous (Heb 6:6)
  3. William was sitting next to Stacey while making a cake
    1. She tells him "Don’t touch!" so he sits REAL close and just looks
    2. His little hand sloooowly reaches, ("ah ah ah!") springloaded, it jumps back
    3. That is the wrong kind of persistence
  4. Be persistent in the right way
    1. Don’t ask - "How little can I do and still get by?" (you’ve already started your downhill slide)
    2. Lord here I am, use me!
    3. Do you want eternal life, or eternal death
      1. The righteous shall live by faith
      2. Do you have faith? Faith involves: Confidence/Endurance/Persistence


  1. Need Persistence Lack of persistence in Jesus throws away sacrifice, brethren, reward
  2. May have fallen short Jesus blood takes care of it may have thrown some wild balls, or so tired-wimpy balls - Never get any better if no persist
  3. If falling short, do not continue - Cost too great - Get back in the game - You will win