Title: What Boldness is For
Purpose: To move Christians to stand up and live their faith

  1. School without computer, so limited. Now have one, just need to learn how to use all its capabilities
  2. That was the problem with the Hebrews, needed to learn what they had available
  3. This passage sums up and begins the practical exhortation
  4. Text Heb 10:19-25
  5. Old Testament Attitude (Dt 4:33; 5:22-30)
  6. Now we have:
    1. Confidence to enter the holy place (confidence, or “boldness”)
    2. Can enter be a NEW and LIVING way
    3. A great priest over the house of God
    4. Jesus:
      • Author/pioneer of our salvation (perfected through sufferings)
      • The forerunner into the veil (something no priest had ever done)
      • High Priest forever after the order of Melchezidek (forever making intercession)
      • Mediator of a Better Covenant (where sins are remembered no more)
      • Testator/Will Maker (cleansed our conscience/inner mind)
  7. Because of all these things, we can have confidence to do three things: (involves faith hope and love)

I. Let us draw near

  1. We have come full circle in the development (Heb 4:14-16)
  2. Unlike the old system, we can draw near at any time
    1. We are to do so with a sincere (true) heart (have to be internal clean)
    2. We can do so in full assurance of faith
      1. Because our hearts are sprinkled from an evil conscience
        • Heb 9:11-14; 10:14, 17
      2. Because our bodies washed with pure water
        • But isn’t the cleansing internal? Washing was external
        • I Pet 3:21 - Baptism and Appeal to God
  3. Youth Ministry Class (Dirty Cup Model)
    1. Have to clean the inside
    2. Would not want to drink of a dirty cup
  4. We have been cleansed inside and out - draw near to God
    1. How often do you pray? Read?
    2. Do you draw near with a true heart?
      1. When you are true to loved one, you think about them all the time
      2. Serenade them: (Ps 119:33-40)

II. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope

  1. Would expect word confession of FAITH here
    1. Will talk more about faith in chapters ahead
    2. Hope is about living for our expectations
  2. Explanation
    1. Do it without wavering
    2. Remember 6:13-20?
      1. Our hope enters the veil
      2. Our hope is a sure and steadfast anchor (keep us from waver
        • Basis of hope in Christ
        • Heb 1:10-12 - Fashions change, will fail you Xst is same
        • Jas 1:6-8 - Doubting double minded, unstable surf of sea
        • God’s purpose never been thwarted in shifting world
  3. Obstacle course in Basic Training (fell in the mud due to hesitation)
  4. When God throws you the rope, grab it!!!
    1. Do you hold fast your CONFESSION of hope
    2. What does a person with this hope look like?
      1. Doesn’t live in the shadows (like levitical system)
      2. Generous with money and time: Publishers Clearning house sued by Wisconson
        • People thought could win by buying
        • Some had bout 1000’s of dollars worth (because hope)
        • They taking a gamble, we are not
      3. We are even more generous because we have God’s promise & oath
      4. Boast of our hope (Heb 3:6) just like child hoping for Xmas
      5. Teach children about spiritual upbringing

III. Let us Consider How to stimulate one another to love and good deeds

  1. Your translation may say “provoke”, “stir up”, or “spur”
  2. Exposition
    1. “Let us consider one another for the provocation of love ...”
      1. Start by considering not HOW but One Another (get to know)
      2. This is for the provoking (incite, irritate, or pester, when negative)
      3. To love and good deeds
        • good is kalos - beautiful, honorable (not agathos)
        • Eg. Mark 14:6 - a “good”, “beautiful” thing
    2. How to stimulate
      1. Not forsaking assembling
        • Forsake for something else (because boring etc.)
        • This passage shows it is about giving, not getting
      2. Encourage one another - all things for edification (I Cor 14)
  3. Chicken soup article - “It couldn’t hurt” with Christian Adaptation
    1. I could send a card - It couldn't hurt
    2. I could give money to struggling brother, it only hurt a little
    3. I could call just to encourage - It couldn't hurt
    4. I could give a hug - It counldn't hurt
    5. I could etc. etc. etc.
  4. Imagine the effect if all of us did this!


  1. The Ministry of Jesus should give us
    1. Faith - to draw near to God with confidence
    2. Hope - Hold fast the confession of our hope
    3. Love - Love our brethren and consider them to stimulate, inspire them to ...
  2. You have been educated on the “computer” you have been given
  3. Jesus did so much, and is doing so much, and will do so much
  4. What are you going to do about it?