Title: How to Recognize your Mother
Purpose: To inspire children to Honor their Mothers

Intro:	1.  Mothers are special
		a.  Mothers day begun by Anna Jarvis as a memorial for her mother, 5-10-1908
		b.  She gave a carnation to all who attended
		c.  Suggested a national day to recognize mothers
	2.  Ann Bales on endangered species
		a.  There are over 600 animals and plants on endagered species list
		b.  Wives and mothers are endangered (and the threat is severe)
			- In the past, women were not taken seriously
			- Lk 24:9-11 - Women not taken seriously
			- Susan B. Anthony to try and gain more respect
			- But also devalued motherhood
		c.  Women have a special, special place in God’s scheme
	3.  Nobody impacts us like Mom does
		a.  Bartholdi, sculptor of Statue of Liberty was advised to use a grand heroic 
		      figure.  He chose his mother
		b.  Many famous, successful people attribute their inspiration to their mothers
		c.  My Mom had a dream as a little girl about having an American baby boy who 
		     would do great things.  She used to share this story with me.
	4.  So, they have chosen this day to recognize - “Mom”
		a.  When you hear that word, what happens
		b.  I think of special sounds, the smell of good oriental cooking, Korean

I.  Prov 31:10-27
	A.  We usually look at this as what a woman SHOULD be
		1.  I say a book title:  “Help!  I’m being intimidated by the Prov. 31 woman!”
		2.  This passage is not directed at women
		3.  Emphasis on verses 28-31
		4.  We should recognize Mom by blessing her!!
	B.  Bless?  What is that?
		1.  I like the Greek word “eulogia” - “to speak godd words of”
		2.  To speak nicely, to praise (v. 28b)
		3.  Syonymns for “praise” - applause, esteem, commendation, appreciation,
		      cheering, tribute, compliment
		4.  Antonymns for “praise” - condemnation, blame, sarcasm, satire, contempt, 
		     denunciation, scorn, hissing
	C.  William will sometimes burst out and say “Mom, you’re special” or “Dad, you’re the
	D.  What can you do to bless/praise mom?
		1.  Thank her for the little things instead of complaining
		2.  Get her a card
		3.  Find an object to express what she means to you

II.  Eph 6:1-2 - A closely related idea is “honor”
	A.  Notice in this passage that “honor” is not merely a suggestion
	B.  What does it mean to honor?
		1.  We usually will say honor means to “respect”, but the Bible usually calls that
		2.  Honor means to “value” someone or something, which can also carry the
		    idea of respect
		3.  So, you honor, or value what is valuable
	C.  I remember winning my first Bible bowl, I won a shirt and a book
		1.  I set up a special place for them, and would take them out and admire them
		2.  I wore my shirt everywhere, because I wanted everyone to see it.
	D.  This is the same way you value Mom
		1.  She has a special place ---- in your heart
		2.  You will want everyone to see her and not hide her
	E.  How can you honor (value Mom?)
		1.  Value her cooking - Cook something special for her for a change
		2.  Value her cleaning - Clean up for a change
		3.  She tries to make you feel special, do the same for her
		4.  She expresses unconditional love, do the same for her

III.  Prov 1:7-9 - Also related to honor is to listen to her
	A.  Wisdom and Instruction go together
		1.  A wise son listens
		2.  A parents teaching is an ornament
			a.  Ornaments make pretty
			b.  Instead of pretty, how often do we thingk of double knit, bee-hive...
		3.  In the long run, you are much better off listening
	B.  Other passages:
		1.  Prov. 10:1 - The wise son is the one who listens
		2.  Prov. 20:20
		3.  Col 3:20 - Children be obedient to your parents in all things, this is well 
		      pleasing to God.
			a.  Doesn’t say be obedient only when your parents make sense
			b.  Doesn’t say be obedient some of the time, but ALL of the time
			c.  This is pleasing to God

IV.  I Tim 5:3-8 - Also related to honor is caring for her
	A.  God’s plan is for parents to care for their kids
		1.  It is also God’s plan for kids to care for their parents
		2.  That day is coming
	B.  To those who refuse, read verse 8!

To recognize Mom, do the following:
	1.  Bless Her
	2.  Honor her
	3.  LIsten to Her
	4.  Care for Her