Title: Taking the Stand
Purpose: To motivate Christians to firm faith

Intro:	1.  On T.V. a place on an island in New England  - Rock outcroppings with sea fossils
		-These came from the equator
		-Earth shifted so much, that a piece of land from equator now way up here
		-Earth shift so much, nothing stays the same, nothing is solid.
		-We are going to talk about the one solid place this morning
	2.  Text:  Heb 13:7-14
	3.  We are looking for a permanent (solid) city.  How?  By taking a stand

I.  Take a stand in everlasting faith
	A.  Text says to imitate faith of leaders
	B.  Explanation
		1.  Not talking about leaders today
		2.  Refering to those he has already mentioned in this letter
			a.  2:10 - Jesus is called the author/leader of salvation
			b.  Likely referring to those in chapter 11
		3.  Text says to consider the result of their conduct:
			a.  Conduct what God asked them to move to strange place?  (Abe)
			b.  When faced with choice between riches or reproach?  (Moses)
			c.  When God wanted them to do something that made no earthly sense?
			d.  Result of their conduct? -- God cared for them, gained God’s approval
		4.  Text says to imitate their faith
			a.  When God wants you to go to strange place -- go!
				- Go over to new neighbor’s house and welcome
				- Maybe go to seminar to help marriage, your ministry. etc.
				- Maybe means going to a brother who you have wronged
				- Maybe go to family or friend and sharing God’s good news
			b.  When faced with choices between riches or reproach -- choose Godly
				- Talked about this last week - He who loves riches will be poor
				- Riches on earth will pass
				-  ILL:  Add:  “Wanted, Christians, work is hard, pay is low,
				   but the benefits are out of this world!”
			c.  When God wants you to do something that makes no earthly sense, do it
	C. ILL:  Daniel 3:8-30 - They took a stand in faith  (They had already decided to 1:8)
	D.  What will you do?
		1.  Will you imitate their faith?
		2.  We see in this passage that there are no gaurantees in this life concerning trials
			a.  Remember what chap 12 said:
			b.  This is a race (agon=”struggle”) set before us by Christ
		3.  Could you stand and say - If God wont deliver me, I still am going to take 
		    a stand

(If you do, you are taking a solid stand on something that you can depend on.  Another dependable 
rock to stand on is...)

II.  Stand on God’s Unchanging Word
	A.  Text says Jesus is always the same
	B.  So what?
		1.  Followed by exhortation to not be carried away by various strange doctrines
		2.  However, from the beginning there has been those who teach contrary to God
		3.  The Bible gives several warnings about this:
			a.  Gal 1:6-9 - Judaizers bringing a different Gospel
			b.  I Tim 4:1-8 - Deceitful doctrines of demons  v.s.  Godliness
			c.  Acts 20:28-32 - Warning to elders - wolves from OWN NUMBER
			d.  2 John 7-11 - Not to support false teachers by having in home
		4.  (Matthew 7:15) - Beward of False prophets in sheeps clothing
	C.  ILL:  I have been called a narrow minded legalist, fundamentalist,
		1.  People say we are too meticulous, to narrow minded.  Not that big a deal
		2.  Runways are narrow as well.  Is it okay for the pilot to say “Hey’ no big deal”  I’ll 
		      just land somewhere in the general area.
		3.  Want the landing to be precise!  Or results disasterous.
		4.  (Matt 7:13-14) - Narrow is the way that leads to life
	D.  Doesn’t matter how sincerre you are if you do not stand on God’s word!
		1.  Matt 7:21-23 - Not all who say Lord, Lord
		2.  What matters is that you do the will of the Father
		3.  How know what his will is? (2 Tim 3:16 - Context: after talking about false teaching)

And when you do his will, hardships will come (2 Tim 3:10).  That brings us to final point

III.  Stand with Jesus on the outside
	A.  v. 11-13 Jesus suffered on the outside (he was out of step with the world)
	B.  The world and the Christian have always been out of step
		1.   Col 3:9-10 - Put off old self, put on new (raised with Christ)
		2.  John 3 - Jesu said have to be born again to enter kingdom
		3.  James 4:4 - Friendship with world is hostility toward God (adulterors)
		4.  (John 15:18-20; 16:1-4) - We not of this world - We are different - will suffer
			-His kingdom not of this world
		5.  (I Pet 4:12-16)  Peter says not to be surprised, Jesus said this would come
			a.  Result?  (James 1:12)  Blessed is he who perseveres under trial
			b.  Jn 14:1-3 - Let not your hearts be troubled.  Believe in God, believe 
			   also in me,  In my Fathers house are many . . .
		6.  What does it take to stand with Jesus - to enter into his Kingdom
			a. (Mat 13:45-46) - Kingdom of Heaven like a priceless pearl - GIVE UP
			b.  Rich Young Ruler in Mat 19:6 - Price too high
	C.  ILL:  Soldier jeep broke down in desert.  Had canteen, water ran out
		1.  Was parched, thoguh was going to die
		2.  Camp across an old rusty water pump.  Pumped - no water, just dust
		3.  Then he noticed a little jug full of water sitting next to the pump with a note:
		4.  Note said had to use water to prime pump (don’t drink any, have to use all)
			- Pour it all in the pump
			- Pump like crazy
			- Make sure fill the jug again
		5.  Decision.  Could drink what littel water was there, or use it to prime pump
		6.  He primed pump.  Pumped and pumped, nothing.  Finally a little water gurgled 
		    out and then a steady stream.  As much as he needed. 
		7.  After he was done.  He added to the note:  “It really works, you really have to 
		    give it all away before you get anything back”
	D.  And so it is with us.
		1.  In order to stand with Jesus, we have to give it all up to stand with him
		2.  Doesn’t mean we take vow of poverty
		3.  Means we understand that all we have belongs to God
		4.  Result is that everything we do is to serve Him, please Him, not me
			a.  Raise my family for Him
			b.  Make an income to support family so I can raise them up in Him
			c.  Be a positive influence and tell others of Him
		5.  This will put you on the outside - BUT OUTSIDE IS WHERE CHRIST IS

1.  Outside is just fine.
2.  v.14 - “Here we do not have a lasting city, but we are seeking the city which is to come”
3.  We obtain that lasting city by taking a stand:  In everlasting Faith/ On His Word/ With Jesus on
the outside
4.  Where are you standing today?