Title: "Freedom Leads to Slavery"
Purpose: To motivate Parents to Insist on God's way With their children


  1. Our neighborhoods are full of kids that get into trouble now days
  2. Eph 6:1-4
  3. Discipline & Instruction  has gotten a bad rap
  4. Parents indoctrinating is seen as immoral, spanking seen as abuse
  5. People are saying spanking is bad (most are editorials not studies)
  6. "Effective Discipline should not be harsh or abusive, but it can't be weak or ineffective either"
  7. Will learn a lesson in Discipline from Samson
    1. Samson characterized as big strong and stupid
    2. What about his parents (Samson learned stupidity)
  8. What we'll learn from looking at Samson is that: Freedom leads to Slavery      (what kind?, 3 types:)

I.  Slavery to your own desires (Jud. 14:1-9)

  1. Permissive, faint-hearted parents will produce children enslaved to every whim
  2. Samson seemed to be a demanding child
    1. Samson wanted permission for a forbidden marriage
    2. Father did not insist on what is right (v.3)
    3. This evidently was a life long pattern:
      1. (v.8) he broke his vow (Disregarded God's law)
      2. It was always about Samson, and what Samson wanted, even in his death.
    4. Prov. 22:15 "Foolishness is bound up in the heart of child, but the rod of discipline will remove it far from him."
    5. If only they had enough faith to believe that
  3. We knew a couple with an only child, Jacob
    1. He was uncontrollable, screams, kicks and yells, runs, bites
    2. Parents, "now Jacob, don't let's not do that okay?"
    3. We wanted to turn him over our knee
    4. If this continues, this child will be a slave to his own desires
  4. Freedom leads to Slavery
    1. You have to insist on what's right and best
      1. I have to wonder now days (Parents insist on going to school, but not church)
      2. Insist on school homework, but not Bible Study
    2. What message are you sending?

II.  Slavery to the wrong spouse

  1. Lack of discipline and instruction can likely result in a bad marriage
  2. Notice 14:3; 15:1-2; 16:1; 16:4
    1. None of his relationships were good ones
    2. He became a slave to the wrong women
      1. They were foreigners
      2. They brought him only trouble
      3. They were not interested in him doing God's will
      4. He was betrayed by his wife, and later by Delilah.
    3. Notice what part his parents had in 15:1-2, His own Father suggested a foreigner
    4. The message Samson got - It's not that important who I marry
  3. I remember as a teen those I dated
    1. There is a problem with the whole concept of dating
      1. A one year relationship is viewed as long term (relationship, no commitment)
      2. Idea, try them on, bond, then break up (same rationale used for living together)
      3. Has tendency to be self centered
      4. Teaches that you marry the one you love -Bible says to love the one you marry
    2. Courtship is making a come back now days
      1. Becomes a Family Affair (Dating says bye at the door, courting finds you playing ball with Dad or helping in the kitchen)
      2. The okay comes from both sets of parents
      3. Only court if child is ready to be married
        • Must be spiritually and financially prepared to marry
        • Interview with Parents before begin courtship
    3. I am doing study on betrothal
      1. "Dating" is not in the Bible
      2. Boyfriend, Girlfriend concept isn't either
      3. There are married, single and the betrothed.  That's all
      4. "Dating" is a very new concept.
  4. As parents, you need to wrestle with these things
    1. You need to discuss marriage with your kids
    2. You need to be involved in the courtship process
      1. Begin talking about it early in life, that way they are used to your involvement
      2. Be involved in friendship decisions early in life as well
    3. If not, remember, Freedom leads to Slavery (to the wrong spouse)

III.  Slavery to the Enemy

  1. Wishy washy parenting could lead children into slavery to God's enemies
  2. Samson was "Dating" or flirting with Delilah (16:4)
    1. Delilah betrays him just like his wife did
    2. It says that the Lord left him (16:20-21) It was the last straw
    3. Samson became a slave to the Philistines
    4. Prov. 13:24 - "He who spares the rod hates his son"
    5. Prov. 19:18 - "Discipline your son while there is hope, and do not desire his death."
  3. Almost everyone I know who had permissive parents had a rough time
    1. Many could not ever hold a job (no one tell them what to do)
    2. Many live off of others and wont support self
    3. Scary thing is some of these guys are married with kids
    4. Now they are slave to poverty
  4. Freedom leads to slavery


  1. Are you teaching wisdom or stupidity?  (Prov. 12:1 - He who hates reproof is stupid)
  2. Heb 12 - Discipline yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness
  3. You must insist on what is right, you have the responsibility to train your children
  4. Freedom leads to slavery
  5. However, Discipline leads to Freedom