Title: How to Give an Offering to God
Purpose: To motivate Christians to be generous givers in all things to God

Intro:	1.  Ex 35-36 - Giving generously for the Tabernacle  (In addition to the Tithe)
	2.  The Bible teaches we should give generously  WHy?

I.  Giving generously pleases God
	A.  2 Cor 9:6-7 - God loves a cheerful giver so much so that he will bless him
		1.  Context - Paul praises Macedonians for generosity
		2.  He calls on Corinthians to have the same generosity
	B.  Why does God love a generous cheerful giver?
		1.  Acts 17:25 ďGod is not served by human hands as though he needed anything, 
		    since He himself give life and breath and all thingsĒ 
		    Not because God needs it
		2.  Macedonians first gave self to Lord then gave.  
			a.  Giving generously shows complete surrender to God
			b.  Giving generously shows thanksgiving to God (I just want to do for God)
	C.  Example of Cheerful generous givers
		1.  William Colgate (Started at 10% gave more as business grew)
		2.  Henry Crowell  (Quaker Oats,  Started at 10% was giving 60-70% when died)
		3.  Stanley Tam started by making God a partner, then made him owner
	D.  With many people its just the opposite, you prosper and get greedy
		1.  Many start to have hardships when they begin to prosper, ever wonder why?
		2.  Why does God bless you financially?  (2 Cor 9:8 READ) For every good deed
		3.  Is God generous?
			Question:  Where would we all be if God were as generous as I am

II.  Giving Generously helps to further Godís work speedily
	A.  Since the time of Moses, God has directed that work is supported through offerings
		1.  The Tithe was for temple and Levites
		2.  They tithed EVERYTHING (Grain, money, any gain)
	B.  I Chron 29:1-9 - Example of Generosity
		1.  Everyone gave and gave generously  -- everyone did their part
		2.  O.T. was a system of Law, and the people missed it
			a.  Jesus expounded on the spirit of the law
			b.  Adultery - No Lust  /  No murder  -  No hate
			c.  Jesus demanded more
			d.  Why do we think he demands less in our giving?
				- No tithe, we are NEW TESTAMENT Christians
				- But he didnít talk about tithing.  -- YES he did
				- He never condemned tithing, he said they missed the point
				- He commanded a TOTAL giving, taking up cross, losing your
				  life to gain
			e.  Jesus did not deal with people NOT willing to give, but with those
			    who had the wrong motive
		3.  Giving is dealt with in the Epistles as well
			a.  I Cor 16:1-2 - Give as you prosper (Just like Colgate and the others)
				- You prosper more, you give more
			b.  2 Cor 8:1-3 - Gave out of their poverty with joy
			c.  The Poor widow, did she give with joy?
	C. ILL:  Thing I was amazed by in Searcy was that nearly everyone I knew (that cared to 
	     talk about it) gave AT LEAST 10%
		1.  A say AT LEAST because that included only their regular offering
		2.  Many of them also gave to Searcy childrenís Home, Missions, etc.
	D.  Notice Davids attitude (I Chr 29:10ff)
		1.  He recognized it was all Godís to begin with
		2.  He didnít say LOOK AT WHAT WE DID, he was humble

They started out in a Tabernacle, why are they now building a temple?
	- I Chr 17:1 - It bothered David that he was in a house & God in tent - 
	  David wanted to HONOR God

III.  Giving generously honors God
	A.  Giving generously to God renders to God the honor he is worthy of
	B.  Malachi 1:6-14
		1.  v.6 - Dishonoring God.  HOW?
		2.  v.8 - Bringing God leftovers, what they did not use for self
				- Would they do that for a governer?  Of course not!
		3.  v.10 - God does not accept this kind of offering
				-God does not take leftovers
		4.  v.11-12 - Godís name will be great, yet they profane it, 
		5.  Result, God was not blessing them
	C.  You insult God when you bring him leftovers
		1.  John 3:16 - He gave his son
		2.  Yet we say -  I didnít want this, so here, you can have it
	D.  Solution:
		1.  Do not give to God as an afterthought
		2.  We plan all our bills with forethought, how much forethought goes into how 
		     much goes to support Godís work?

1.  Plan your giving, purpose in your heart what you will give to God and BE GENEROUS, God
does not take leftovers
	a.  Generous giving please God
	b.  Generous giving helps to further Godís work speedily
	c.  Generous giving HONORS God
2.  Why should you heed these words?
	a.  Not giving generously is the first step to falling away from God
		1)  Mat 6:24 - Cannot serve God and mammon (divided loyalty)
		2)  Mat 13:18-23 - Parable of the soils (v.22) Weeds grow when stop giving
	b.  Not giving generously turns you off of the narrow path and on the path to destruction
		1) James 4:13-17 - Say if the Lord wills it, your plans need to include God 
		   (include giving)
		2) James 5:1-3 - 
			-The witheld pay is exhibit A a in the evidence stakced up against the rich
			-I wonder if witheld offering is going to be included as evidence
		3)  PLASTIC BAGS - Your car, jewelry, hairdo, cosmetics, etc. etc. etc.
			-Not saying these things are wrong, but are you enjoying them at Godís 
			-Are you financing your ease with Godís money?
			-If so, the evidence is stacking up
3.  Heed these words, I donít speak about giving often  (NO, I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A RAISE)
	a.  We are running at a deficit, giving has dropped 2-300 a week over the last few months
	b.  I donít know what is going on, but it concerns me.
		-We talk about persecution, but that is not our challenge
		-The biggest challenge is MATERIALISM
	c.  Some of you feel as though church is in a rut, maybe you are in a rut. 
		-If you have stopped or cut back in your giving
	d.  Iíve painted a gloomy picture, but that is not the complete picture the Bible gives
4.  Matt 6:31-34 - Seek first his Kingdom (God comes first.  Give with greatful heart.
	What if not cheerful?  DO IT ANYWAY.  You become what you do repeatedly