Title: The Ministry of Intrusion#1
Purpose: To encourage Christians to reach out to those who are hurting
1. Many organizations have code words for intruder alerts (we are going to talk about intruders this morning)
2. Text: Matthew 9:35-10:8
3. Things Jesus does in his ministry:
1) Preach Good News of Kingdom
2) Healed Physically & Spiritually (included casting out of demons)
4. Chapter 10, he gives them authority, what he tells them to do is identical
5. Should come as no suprise, told to walk as he walked, Jesus our example
6. Jesus expects us to carry out his mission How? Ways
I. By preaching the Good News
A. Jesus preached the good news of the Kingdom and sent disciples(9:35; 10:8)
B. Two things about how and why he preached:
1. Jesus went to where the people were and proclaimed it
a. One occasion Jesus cried out in the middle of a festival (Jn 7:37)
b. He boldy spoke to anyone who would listen
c. There were many times a hostile audience
d. They tried to kill him on more than one occasion
e. There were also those who followed
2. Jesus felt compassion on them
a. They were distressed and downcast
b. They were like sheep without a shepherd
c. Not unlike today (people have no direction)
d. Some of the most “successful” are also some of the most depressed
C. Two occasions I can think of where we did something out of ordinary
1. Evangelism Campaign, knocked entire town, so went to Billiard Hall to try and reach out there
2. Went to city of Earle at the Bar to reach out. (local church rejected us)
D. You are sitting on the Good News of the Kingdom
1. Would Jesus hire you as a reporter?
2. How many times have you told the good news to someone last week
3. How many times last month?
4. Harvest is plentiful bu laborers are few
II. By healing the sick, the hurting, and those in bondage
A. Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons & then sent disciples (9:35; 10:8)
B. But we don’t have the power
1. Jesus gave the power to the Apostles but no Apostles today
2. What do you do with James 5:13ff?
3. We may not have miraculous powers, but we can pray in faith
C. ILL: Luke 7:11-15
1. Try to put yourself there at the scene
2. Funeral Procession, Jesus and his followers
a. Deceased was the only son
b. Unless she wealthy, probably have to resort to prostitution
4. Jesus speaks to her and tells her not to cry
5. He then stops the funeral procession and touches the coffin
6. Then he speaks to the deceased: “YOUNG MAN, GET UP”
7. He gets up! and Jesus gives him back to His Mother
D. We need to have the attitude of Jesus if we are going to do any good,
1. In Matthew, it says he had compassion on them (depressed, downcast like sheep without a shepherd)
2. In this Story, He has compassion on the woman, and brings back the son
3. We sure can help to heal people’s emotional, physical and spiritual sickness if we had compassion on them.
4. It can begin like James said in Chapter 5 with Elders and prayer


1. Jesus expects us to be carry out his mission
1) By preaching the Gospel
2) By Healing
2. What do we learn about How Jesus did this?
1) Jesus was willing to step into the lives of people
2) Our excuse is "It's none of my business"
3) Lost souls were Jesus' business, and he tells us to make it our business!
3. Some of you intruded during the campaign
a. Some of you came across people who were really hurting
b. I hope to God you have followed up on those
c. How did it feel? Did you begin to get a glimpse of the power of the ministry of intrusion?
d. You don’t have to wait for a campaign
4. Where are you going to intrude with love and compassion this week?
a. Whose hurt are you going to heal?
b. Who are you going to bring the good news of the Kingdom to?