Getting into Shape in 2003!
John D. Telgren

Another year, come and gone! For some of us, it has been a rough year. For others of us, we have felt like we have been stuck in a rut. Then there are those of us who have been on top of the world!

Let's make this a dynamic year to really get healthy. Many like to make a resolution to trim a few pounds and get into shape. Let me suggest three very simple things to help you get started.

1. First of all, commit to a healthy diet. A healthy diet consists of a balance from all the various food groups. Starving yourself does no good. On the other hand, stuffing yourself does no good either. A diet of smaller portions on a regular plan is much more healthy.

A good diet consists of a daily portion of bread and grain. There are some very nutritious grains you can pick up from Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Psalms. It doesn't take a lot to be healthy. As a matter in fact, just a small bowl once a day can do wonders for your health. You also need a regular supply of milk and cheese. Even though many of us no longer need much of this, we will always need some of it in our diet. You can find some good milk products on the shelves in Colossians and James. Of course, we also need meat which can be found on nearly every aisle. You can find them in Romans, and especially in Hebrews. Then there are the fruit and vegetables. You need them to get a lot of the vitamins to stay healthy and to help your immune system. A regular visit to the prophets and the Old Testament in general helps to build our immune system. We learn from those who went before us.

2. Second, is exercise. There are daily spiritual disciplines that will help you to stay limber and promote good circulation and alertness. Disciplines such as prayer and study will aid in this. Service and ministry to others will also help your whole spiritual system to be strong. In other words, get involved!

3. Third, are periodic checkups. Periodic visits with an elder, minister, deacon, teacher, or some other mentor will do both the doctor and the patient good.

So, are you ready to get into shape this year?