Who do we Stand With?
John Telgren

In Paul's letters, he sometimes contrasts what he calls the "first Adam," which is our natural condition as the result of the work of Adam, and what he calls the "last Adam," which is our supernatural condition as the result of the work of Christ (Rom 5:12-21; 1 Cor 15:20-22, 45). We are all naturally descendants of Adam. Sin came into the world through Adam and now has spread everywhere. We learned from our original ancestor, and that lesson brought alienation, strife, brokenness, and ultimately death. Jesus has created a new order of humanity. We have been adopted into the family of God. As a result, there is a sense in which we are supernaturally descendants of Christ.

What a contrast we see between "Adam" and "Christ" during the arrest of Christ. Adam sinned and brought sin into the world. Christ defeated sin and cleans it up. Adam went and hid, but Christ was forthright and stood openly before the authorities. Adam stood with the serpent, but Christ stood with God. Even though his arrest, interrogation and his so-called "trial" was a shady sham that would lead to his painful death, he still faithfully and courageously stood with God (Jn 18:1f).

Because Christ stood with God, he also stood with us…so much so that he endured a mock trial, beating, and ultimately crucifixion for us. He became one of us, he shared in flesh and blood, identified with us in our humanity (Heb 2:14f). As a result he was perfected as a merciful and faithful high priest. As a "man" he became a mediator between men and God (1 Tim 2:5). Yes, when his "hour" had come, Christ stood with God, and in so doing, stood with us.

Christ wants us to stand with him. This is why he said,

"Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven" (Mt 10:32-33).

When your "hour" comes, who will you stand with? Your "hour" may come may times throughout your life. It may come when you are called to do something ethically questionable. Who will you stand with? It may come when an opportunity to share your faith comes up. Who will you stand with. It may come up when you are called on to explain or defend your faith. Who will you stand with?

There are many times, ways, and places your "hour" could come. In fact, you may be thinking of some other ways hour "hour" has come in the past, or may come in the future. The next time something like this comes up, remind yourself that your "hour" has come, and ask yourself the question, "Who am I going to stand with?" Will I stand with the crowd out of the desire for comfort, or out of fear? Will I stand with Christ, even if it means persecution, being ostracized, marginalized, etc.?

If we stand with Christ, he has promised that he will stand with us. Indeed, he has already stood with us when he went to the cross, and he continues to stand with us as our advocate when we pray (1 Jn 2:1).