The Authentic Cross

John Telgren

Sometimes I write something that might seem a little corny. Regardless, see if reflection on this fictitious ad might be beneficial for your walk with God this week...

!! Fantastic Sale at the Cross Shop !!

The original cross of Jesus Christ.
Has the nail holes and the original blood stains
It may not be pretty, but it is the authentic item.


  • The gift is available to all free of charge.
  • To accept this offer, call 1-800-Committ, and confess your decision to accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord and pattern your entire life after him.
  • After baptism, you will receive the authentic cross immediately. To use, you must place it on your shoulders and carry about the death of Christ everywhere you go.
  • For further instructions, consult the enclosed instruction manual, the Bible.

!! Warning !!

Don't accept fake substitutes. There are several varieties of fakes, which are as follows.

1) Ornamental Crosses. These are usually attractive and sometimes magnificent works of art. They might be made of gold or jewels. They can be hung on walls, worn as jewelry or placed on books, cars, and other items to show your piety. They are not designed to be carried, only to look good. Be assured, you will be able to display these impressive crosses with pride. Even though they tend to be on the expensive side, there is no further commitment beyond the payments.

2) Replica Crosses. These are crosses designed to look like the real item, but are not. Some of the better ones have realistic bloodstains. They look very heavy, old, and rugged. However, they are usually hollow or are made of balsa wood. These lightweight crosses can be carried effortlessly anywhere. You can "appear" to be piously carrying about the cross of Christ with great effort. You can have the pride of appearing to be an authentic cross carrier without all the work involved.

3) Hidden Crosses. These are designed not to call attention to them. They can be hidden in books as book marks, hidden inside a shirt as a necklace, carried around in a billfold or purse, or placed somewhere out of sight were no one will see it. You can posses these safe crosses without fear of embarrassment, persecution, ridicule, loss of status, etc. If you are proud of your status in life, but are afraid of what a cross might do to it, then this is the type of cross for you. You can own a cross without the humiliation that goes along with it.

Unlike the original cross, which requires humility, subjection, and surrender in order to receive, these other crosses require only a payment to receive and have no further obligation or commitment. They allow you to serve both God and mammon, which is what makes them attractive. They also allow you to preserve pride, ambition, and other things you cannot keep if you have the original cross. But don't forget to read the fine print that comes with these replicas. They state, "Replica - Not good for eternal life or authentic Christian living."