It Seems Okay
John Telgren

"There is a way which seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death" (Prov 14:12).

"There was the true Light, which, coming into the world, enlightens every man" (Jn 1:9).

It is interesting to read these two verses side by side and reflect on the implications. There are many things in our world that seem right, prudent and good. You find many of these things both among believers and unbelievers. It is not unusual to see them in the world and in the church.

I went away on a several day trip once and forgot to take my cell phone charger. As the days went by, the phone got weaker and weaker. I turned it off at night to try and preserve its energy. But it became apparent that if I didn't do something, it would go completely dead and I would be out of contact with my wife and anyone else that needed to get in touch with me. What did I do? I went to a phone store and purchased a portable phone charger to plug in the cigarette lighter. Soon the phone was fully charged once more and lit up whenever someone called

That is the way we are. We need to be connected to the true source of light, which is Jesus. There are many sources in our world that seem like good sources, but they will end up in death, like the proverb says.

Most people go to several sources for "enlightenment." Some listen to Hollywood stars or other famous people. Some hang on every word of their favorite star. Others, being a little more sensible, get an education from an institution. The study a discipline, whether it is psychology, history, philosophy, science, politics, etc… The question should always be, where is the source? The problem with the opinions of stars and pretty obvious. The problem with many "secular" discipline is not as obvious. If the underlying assumption behind any philosophy, behavioral science, physical science, history, etc., is not grounded in good, sound biblical theology, then it is a bankrupt discipline. It "seems" right, but its end is death. All of the Hitlers and the Stalins of the world are a clear demonstration of this. Think about it. Theologically, people are more than merely the product of their environment. History is more than a series of human causes and effects. Reflecting theologically on truth, whether historical, scientific, philosophical, etc., brings you to a different but more enlightened place than the so-called "secular" versions. In fact, when you see the world from God's perspective, you will recognize that "secularism" does not truly exist. It only exists in the minds of people who try to live as though there were two worlds, one religious and the other secular.

Jesus is the creator. Jesus is the "true" light. Jesus is the truth. Every discipline, study, solution, and philosophy begins, continues and ends with him. The question should never, never, never begin with, "What will work?" The question should always begin with, "Who is God?" And "What does God want?" God has made the answers to both of these questions abundantly clear.

Whether counseling, medicine, history, law, science, philosophy, etc., the first questions should always be the God question. After all, the world and everything in it, including ourselves, were all created by him for him. Acting "secularly" about it does not acknowledge him as the creator and is simply incorrect and erroneous. Since our Lord IS the truth, it all begins, continues, and ends with him. Spend time in the word, praying, and in reflection. This will enable yourself to ask the basic God questions before proceeding with anything in your life. Otherwise, well…read the proverb again and the passage from John again. I think you get the point.