Medical Attention
John Telgren

Having spent nearly a week at home sick, I had given some thought to the fact that it could have been much worse. A couple of years ago, when I had similar symptoms, I wound up in the hospital with significant pneumonia. But this time my doctor decided I could stay home and take oral medication rather than get hooked up to an IV at the hospital. I was glad! As I write, I have enjoyed a full day of ongoing recovery.

If I had waited before going to the doctor like the last time I had gotten this sick, I would probably be in the hospital again with pneumonia. However, I went to the doctor at the first opportunity, and we headed it off.

In the same way, we need to tend to spiritual sicknesses as soon as we recognize there is a problem. Whether it be a relationship problem, a prayer problem, struggle with bitterness, pride, a stubborn self-defensive posture, a lying heart, or secret sin, it needs attention or it can become debilitating and take control of your life.

For this, God has given us resources. The most obvious resources are the Spirit and the Word. But Jesus has also given us the church, which includes life groups, brethren, elders, and ministers. When we have a medical concern, we call a trained, experienced doctor. When we have a spiritual concern or question, remember that you have those with experience and training who can help with healing, direction, planning and recovery. So if you have a spiritual struggle, or even struggle with the meaning of scripture, look up an elder, preacher, life groups, or an older wise person among us.