Many Styles, One God
John Telgren

The styles of John the Baptist and Jesus were so different from each other. John lived like a desert hermit; Jesus toured the towns and cities. John became known for fasting, Jesus became known for feasting and going to parties. Their styles and messages did not appeal to many Jewish leaders. As a result, the leaders criticized, slandered, and opposed them. They wanted a Messiah more like them.

God has used, and still uses, various "styles" today. Whether we use power point, hymnals, or sing from memory, it can all honor God. All of us are living examples of the diversity of "styles" God has used. Whether we were brought to Christ as the result of camp, Gospel Meeting, campaign, friend, relative, minister, or youth meeting, God uses various people with their various styles. Whether it was a chart study, pamphlet study, filmstrips, or nothing more than a Bible, God uses various styles. Whether it is baptism in a baptistry, stream, swimming pool, or lake, God uses various styles.

I know of Christians who have been mentored through ministries that deal specifically with empty nesters, teens, seniors, parents, prisoners, alcoholics, addicts, divorcees, jobless people with no skills, etc. Forty years ago, many of these sorts of ministries were rare. But with the new challenges we face today, many are meeting these challenges.

Let's consider what it will take to minister to the challenges we currently face. God has given us a mission as parents, grand- parents, and as a church. Let's be open to where God will lead.