End of Life Questions (part one)
John Telgren

What will we be like after we die? If there is a resurrection of our body, what will happen to us between the time we die and the time we are resurrected? Will we recognize each other? Will we have any of our memories? Over the next few weeks, we will look at the information the Bible gives us to these sorts of questions.

According to 1 Corinthians 15, we can learn the following about what we will be like after the resurrection.

1. Our current body is like a "seed” (v.36-37). The seed, when planted, will die and decay, and a new kind of life will spring from it. This tells us that we will have a new kind of body.

2. Our new body will be a spiritual body (v.44). This does not mean that it will not have form or substance. Paul compares different kinds of "flesh," that of humans, animals, birds, and fish, and different kinds of "glory" in the cosmos, such as the sun, moon and stars (v.38-42). He illustrates that we will have a body with substance, but it will be a substance that is indestructible (v.42-43) because it will be spiritual, meaning it will be a heavenly body rather than an earthly one that is subject to age and decay (v.46-49).

3. Death is not the end of existence. Paul says that we will not all "sleep, but instead we will be changed at the resurrection” (v.51-52). We will not cease to exist, but will rather continue to exist in a new body.