Power of the Word
John Telgren

I still remember the thrill. Some 26 years ago I had the opportunity to bring someone to Christ for the first time. I had met Warren on the church bus route that we had. I had just obeyed that Gospel earlier that summer and was excited about the commitment I had made. It never occurred to me that I was "just" a 13 year old or that I was limited in my understanding of Christian doctrine. I didn't feel concerned that I didn't have all the answers or know enough to bring someone to Christ.

I had shared with Warren how I found God, and he wanted to know more. I remember telling him that the Lord had saved me through 16 year old Jon and 15 year old Terry who had both studied with me earlier that summer. Warren listened to my story and told me he wanted what I had gained. He did not want to go to Hell.

So what did I do? I simply related to him what I had learned through the study Jon and Terry took me through. Warren and I went through verses on the pamphlet I still had from Jon and Terry when we studied. After we were done, Warren wanted to be baptized right away.

I remember that we were in my room and it was dark out. I told my Dad that Warren wanted to become a Christian. He called the preacher and we all went down to the church building. The preacher asked me if I would do the baptism. What an honor to be able to baptize my friend! The preacher showed me how to put on the waders and how to make sure I didn't hit Warren's head on the edge of the baptistery as I lowered him into the water. Since I was so short, water got into the waders went I bent over baptizing Warren, and ran down into the boots when I stood up straight! My feet felt really heavy as I went up the steps out of the baptistery.

That started a chain reaction. A week later, Warren brought one of his friends to me. After going through that same pamphlet, Butch was baptized. I later found myself going over the Butch's parents house for a Bible study. I went through the verses and followed up by going through the Jule Miller filmstrips with them. Neither one of them obeyed the Gospel or came to church, but Butch continued to. Years later, Butch's mother obeyed the Gospel. Some time later, I studied with Michelle, a friend of someone in the Youth Group, and she obeyed the Gospel. Michelle motivated Shawn to study with me, and he obeyed the Gospel. Michelle and Shawn were the last ones I had the privilege to baptize while in High School.

I was not the only teen that brought people to Christ. We were an outreach force in our congregation. This should be a reminder that it does not take a Bible scholar, slick persuasive methods, or intense spiritual maturity to bring someone to Christ. If one has genuineness and a clear sense of calling from God, then the power of the word will do the rest.