God Tends to Even the Smaller Things
John Telgren

God provides for all our needs. I was reminded of this on our recent trip to Texas. With all of the trips to Texas and camp this summer, our funds were nearly depleted. We had just enough to get to Texas and back. To our dismay we discovered a bulge in one of our front tires after arriving. I sure didn't want to go back home on that tire and take a chance on a blowout or flat in the middle of nowhere with my family. We had to replace it. We didn't know how we were going to be able to pay for it, the room we were in and be able to feed the family while we were there. We hoped and prayed that somehow God would see us through.

We had stopped to see Stacey's mother in the hospital, which was a great blessing. Seeing the grandkids made her day and she began to improve greatly from that time till now. Stacey's Dad offered to fill our gas tank with Gas for us, which stretched what we had. Even better, Stacey's brother was a manager in the same motel chain that we were staying at. He knew the manager of the motel we stayed at in Abilene. When we went to check out of the room, the clerk told us we did not owe them anything. Stacey's brother had the manager give us the rooms for free. We were surprised and happy. In the end, we were able to make it back home without any problem. No flat tires, no running out of money, or anything like this at all.

Sure, this is not as big a thing as other challenges we face in life, but it is something. I can remember being in similar situations throughout life, and God keeping us safe each time. I could have kept this little thing to myself, but I wanted to share it as just another example of how wonderful God is.