The Sheep Quiz
John Telgren

While ministering in Vermont, we had went through a study on leadership and elders in the hopes of eventually appointing elders. Bill Booth, an elder from the North Cobb Church of Christ in Kennesaw, GA, which was one of our supporting congregations, came and did a shepherding seminar with us. As part of the seminar, he took us through a self reflective exercise he simply called "The Quiz" to evaluate our personal attitudes as we began to consider moving toward appointing elders. Scripture uses goats and wolves as analogies for what we are not to be, and sheep to describe what we are supposed to be. Ideally, we are to be sheep, not goats. Sheep follow the shepherd, goats do not. Wolves are out to fill their own egos often at the expense of sheep. With that in mind, we reflected personally on these questions:

Are you a Goat, or do you have goatish attributes?

  1. Do you agitate others in the flock?
  2. Do others agitate you easily?
  3. Do you always have to get to the root of every problem in the church?
  4. Do you fight feelings of disagreement or resentment toward your shepherds (or those above you?)
  5. Do you have trouble making it to every assembly?
  6. Do you have problems listening to the word preached?
  7. Do you find yourself constantly butting the system, trying to find your way out of the flock or just exempting yourself?
  8. Do you have trouble with you are admonished or corrected by the shepherds (or other leaders)?
Are you a Wolf, or do you have wolfish attributes?
  1. Do you have an inward drive to have a chief seat of high position in the church?
  2. Do you find yourself bothered if you have to do what others in the flock are doing?
  3. Are you drawn into strife and carnal things easily?
  4. Have you been in trouble with church leadership and haven't seemed to be able to work it out?
  5. Do you have problems submitting to shepherds (or those above you)?
  6. Are you trying to defame your shepherds or other leaders and draw others to follow your way of doing things?
  7. Do you talk negatively about your shepherds or other leaders?
  8. Have you become sly, sneaky, and deceitful in your attitudes and actions?
  9. Do you gather security from other people who support your views?
Are you a Sheep, or do you have sheepish attributes?
  1. Do you hate strife, malice, dissension, arguing and doctrinal debates?
  2. Do you enjoy still waters - submitting to your shepherds (or those above you)?
  3. Do you attend assemblies or gatherings at every opportunity?
  4. Do you love to hear God's word preached?
  5. Do you hunger after truth from the Word?
  6. Do you receive admonishing and correction from your shepherds (or leaders) easily?
  7. Are you content where you are in the flock?