The Most Important Thing
John D. Telgren

Well, here I am looking at a room full of boxes once again as we are getting ready to move. Boxes and the Telgrens have become very familiar friends, for the last time, we hope.

As I look around this house at "our life" all packed up in boxes, I am reminded that this is not what life is all about. Jesus said, "...not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions. (Lk 12:15)"

So I look over in the box where I had recently laid our family portraits safely in packing material. I look toward the box full of birthday snapshots, polaroids of birthdays and other family events that still need to be put into a photo album.

Against the wall I see the zippered brief case where we are keeping all our information for the move to Leavenworth. I think of the smiles and the faces of so many brothers and sisters waiting on our arrival. I know hardly any of their names yet, but I can already feel the warmth of their hugs.

Later on in the day, I pause as I see my old, worn Bible on the table with the sun shining a ray of light on it from the half opened window.

Indeed, even when you have an abundance, life does not consist of possessions. So many of the things we have complained and fussed about, developing gray hairs (or no hairs) over are irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. Many of these things had a price tag on them when we brought them home. However, there are some things that are priceless. There are things which cannot be bought with money that we receive so freely. There are things such as a good night hug from your son after you have read him a bed time story. Or a smile from the woman you love across a room full of strangers. Or the love and loyalty of a God and savior when went to the depths of hell to rescue me and ultimately take me home with him.

These boxes and what is in them will wear out and be long forgotten in years to come. However, the love in this home will endure for generations. The love in God's house will endure forever!

Indeed, even when we have an abundance, life does not consist of possessions.