A Fresh Start
John D. Telgren

Many people love to celebrate the New Year. Another year is left behind and a fresh start and a new year awaits. Last year is gone forever, we can never do 1997 again. However, 1998 is a blank slate. It can be a great year full of many accomplishments, or it can be a year merely to be endured.

Much of how we take in the New Year is up to us. Therefore, I want to challenge us to some resolutions as a congregation and family.

1) Read your entire Bible through this year. There are some tracts in the tract rack with a daily reading schedule. If you don't have one, get one!

2) Bring the Gospel to one friend. I challenge you to make it your business to bring just one person to Christ this year. Have them in your home, explore the difficult questions together, show them their need for Jesus. Exhort them to enter a new life in Christ.

3) Cultivate close accountability relationships with at least three other members of the family.

4) Make an effort to reclaim weak and faltering Christians. Leave the 99 to try and bring the one lost sheep back into the fold.

I look forward to a great year with y'all. Happy New Year!