The Power of Prayer
John D. Telgren

Someone once said, “Prayerless is powerless.” I’m sure many of us have a story or two that demonstrates that power of prayer. However, I am not going to write about the power of prayer. Most of us know that God hears the prayers of his people and he acts on their behalf. The problem with prayer usually has little to do with our belief’s concerning prayer and more to do with our practice concerning prayer.

For instance, there is the humorous story from Acts 12 about Peter’s miraculous release from prison. An angel had come to release him in the night. The guards did not wake up and the shackles miraculously fell from his hands. Why?

“…prayer for him was being made fervently by the church to God (Acts 12:5).”

When he came to the gate of the house where they were praying, he knocked. Rhoda, the servant girl answered, and recognized Peter’s voice. In her excitement, she left Peter outside and ran back to the room where they were all praying for Peter. Wow, what an answer to their prayers! But they didn’t believe Rhoda at first. They thought she was mad with grief. And they argued about it while Peter stood at the gate knocking. Finally they let Peter in and were amazed.

It truly is amazing what God will do when we ask him. It is amazing that our God would be moved to do something when we pray to him.

I am convinced we do not pray enough together. God will do great things with us if we would just ask him. I want to challenge us to spend more time praying together. I want to challenge us to hour-long prayer meetings. We don’t need a tragedy such as 9-11 to bring us to prayer. Why don’t we take the initiative for prayer together as a body? With that, I know God will do great things!