God's Delight
John D. Telgren

Earlier today I went to pick up my children from school and my wife from her teaching job. As we talked about how our days went, we heard a tiny but clear little voice coming from the back seat. It was William who had just started Kindergarten this year. He was singing a song he had learned in class that day. Our conversation came to a screeching halt as we turned our heads to listen to that cute tiny little voice sing his favorite song of the day. He was off key. Some of the words were slurred or mis-pronounced. He forgot some of the words and filled in various sounds to fill in the gaps. Definitely not professional quality singing. In spite of that, a smile of delight slowly grew on our faces. We looked at eachother, and at him, and a sound came out of our mouths - - "awwwww". He was so cute, we couldn't help but say, "awww".

Then it dawned on me. We may not be able to carry a tune in a bucket. However, God stops everything to incline his ear to his children as we happily sing out little hearts out to him. I can imagine him stopping the angels and saying, "listen", as we pour our hearts out in worship to him. The Lord declared through the prophet Isaiah, "But you will be called, 'My delight is in her' and your land, 'Married', for the Lord delights in you." (Isaiah 62:4).

Indeed, the Lord delights in his children and in their praises. It doesn't matter if it is not perfect. God detests worship that is "perfect" in form but devoid of heart. Just as a parent delights in a child singing his heart out to please mom or dad, the Lord delights in his children when they sing their hearts out to please Him.