Conservative churches
John D. Telgren

     There are many today who speak negatively of conservative churches.  It has been said by some historians that we live in a "Post-Christian" America.  As a result, many churches have struggled to keep the interest of a people who no longer consider the church important or relevant.
     According to Allen, Hughes and Weed in their book,
The Worldly Church

"churches in the United States have survived by adapting to the pressures and demands of modernity.  In so doing, they have insured their survival in the midst of a highly secular society - at least for the immediate future.
     Still, this adaptation has cost dearly.  It has meant that religion has survived in the United States by radically altering its role and function - in the life both of society and of the individual church member.  In short, it has meant the emergence of the "secular church." p. 13

    We see this principle in the Old Testament when the people of Israel insisted on a King so that they could be like the other nations.  (I Samuel 8:19-20).  Even though they were warned it would be to their detriment, they did not listen.
     This same problem is still around today.  In order to be more "acceptable" to a secular society, many have begun to imitate it and are losing their identity.
    Let us never dare to do this.  When we lose our identity, we cease to be the redeemed church and become something of our own making.
      In Vermont, Christian churches have declined in number in the last decade according to a study by Mac Lynn.  However, if you count only "conservative churches" they have actually increased.  But we don't stand on Biblical truth because it works, we do it because it is true.
     Don't fret if no one seems interested.  Noah preached for over 100 years about the impending flood to a secular society and no one listened.  He did not compromise his message and was able to save himself and his family.  God will reward you for your labor in the end.  Do not be ashamed of the pure Gospel.  It, and it alone has the power to save (Romans 1:16).