Title:  The Untamable Beast
Purpose:  To motivate Christians to hold their tongue

Intro:  1.  Many broken relationships, and even wars due to words said
text:  James 3:1-12
         3.  A Christian must control his tongue.

I.  It can ruin our life
      A.  Description of the tongue: 
              Small/ A Fire/ A world (cosmos) of iniquity
      B.  Effects
           1.  It sets on fire the course of our life  (wheel of existence)
                a.  Great forest fire began with little flame
                b.  Illustration used:  Horse bit,  Boat Rudder
                c.  It is so small, but boasts of great things 
                d.  Prov. 13:3

           2.  Tongue defiles the whole body
                a.  Would think it was the other way around
                b.  Jesus said (Mt. 15:18)
                c.  Key:  v. 3-4  Small part controls the whole body
                d.  Hard to tell whether you defile tongue or it defiles you, one
                     thing is for sure, when you have one, then you have the
                e.  Tongue is small, but can control your destiny.  Either you
                     control it or it will control you
           3.  One spark (one carless word0 can ignite the whole church)
                 -DON'T PLAY WITH MATCHES
      C.  Naval Slogan from WW2 - "Loose Lips sink ships". 
           1.  Every Seaman knew what this meant. 
           2.  When you were on shore leave you did not divulge where your
               boat was headed.  To do so would put yourself and all your
               crew mates in danger because the enemy might be listening.
           3.  Loose lips still sink ships -- Relation
ships, Friendships, etc.
      D.  Are you guilty of having loose lips?
          1.  Child's song:  "Oh be careful little lips what you say."
          2.  (Prov. 29:11) - modern translations say a fool vents all his
              anger. Heb lit says: 
"A fool utters all his spirit, (mind) but a
              wise man holds them back"
          3.  Test:  1.  Is it Christ like
                a.  Does it build up or tear down?
                b.  Is it kind

II.  It by nature Cannot be Tamed
      A.  When men were created, God gave them dominion over the earth
      B.  But man has still not tamed the tongue
           1.  Have never in 1000's of years domesticated the tongue
           2.  Tongue is a restless evil, full of deadly poison
      C.  On the news a Pitbull that killed a little boy without reason
           1.  Decision was made to destroy the dog and punish the owner
           2.  Owners of pitbulls who do not keep the dogs leashed or locked
               up can go to jail if they hurt someone.
           3.  There are some animals who by nature just cannot be trusted: 
                Solution? KEEP THEM ON A LEASH OR LOCKED UP
           4.  The tongue has to be kept on a leash - HOLD YOUR
               TONGUE at all times
      D.  Average person spends at least 1/5 of his life talking
           1.  Most do enough of it to fill a 50 page book in a single day
           2.  1 yr time = 132 books, 400 pages each
           3.  What if those books actually existed and you could go to the
                library and check them out?
           4.  CONTROL YOUR TONGUE

III.  It is inconsistent with Faith
      A.  A true Christian that gossips, speaks in a harsh hurtful way is an
       B.  It is incosistent to in one breath praise God, and in the next, speak
            badly about or to brother, made in the likeness of God.
            1.  It would be like a fresh spring bubbling both fresh and bitter
            2.  It would be like an apple tree growing olives,
            3.  (V.  1-2)  Read the passage again
                 a.  Teachers incur a stricter judgement  Why?  Tool is the
                     tongue, which has the potential to do so much
                 b.  If you don't stumble in speech - Sign of Christian
                    Completness --Assumes if you can bridle tongue, you can
                    master other parts
            4.  ( 1:26)  Your Religion is
WORTHLESS if you don't control
                 your tongue
            5.  Come to worship every Sunday, come to class, involved, but if
                 speak harshly, in anger, lash out, gossip, UNBRIDLED - It's
                 all  worthless
      C.  Little Billy's family had come on rought times
           1.  Used some gold wrapping paper to wrap a box, 
               Dad yelled at him
           2.  Following day it was Christmas, he gave Dad the box
           3.  Dad opened it and it was empty.
           4.  Dad yelled again - "Don't you know when you give a present,
               there's supposed to be something in it?"
           5.  But Daddy, I blew kisses in it for you!  She cried with tears
               in her eyes
           6.  Ad was crushed, he begged for forgivness.  It just wasn't the
               same after that She felt the gift was worthless
      D.  If you don't hold your tongue, your religion is worthless

1.  A True Christian must hold his tongue
     a.  Because in can ruin your life
     b.  Because it by nature cannot by tamed
     c.  Because it is inconsistent with faith
2.  It's your choice, you can choose to tear down with your tongue, or build up.  Which?