Title:  Time to Wise Up!
Purpose:  To motivate Christians to seek after Heavenly Wisdom

Intro: 1.  Science:  So much knowledge led us to think that we are wise
         2.  Put a PhD. behind someones name, suddenly people will listen           
         3.  Problem, knowledge and wisdom are not one and the same.
         4.  It is time to "Wise Up". 
Text:  James 3:13-18

I.  False Wisdom
       A.  Describes False wisdom in three terms:
             1.  Earthly
             2.  Natural (unspiritual)
                   a.  Grk word is Psuchikos (from psuche)
                      -Animals are said to have a Psuche (means soul or life)
                      -Pnuema (spirit is something that man uniquely possesses
Without God's wisdom, we are reduced to animals,
             3.  Demonic  (devilish)
      B.  Characteristics of False Wisdom
             1.  Begins with Bitter Jealousy
             2.  This expresses itself in Selfish Ambition
             3.  It becomes Arrogant & Lies against the Truth
                   a.  Synonyms:  Egotistical, Overbearing, Conceited,
                        Contemptous, Insolent
                   b.  But of course Christians are never like that right?
             4.  Be careful,  Christians have been known to display earthly,
                  unspiritual and devilish wisdom in the church
                    a.  If you think you are more spiritual than someone else,
                         Wise UP!
                    b.  If you feel proud that you know more about the Bible
                         than that slob sitting next to you  Wise UP!
                     c.  If you think that only members of the church of Christ
                   are saved, and that all other slobs are lost to hell -- Wise Up
                          -Church membership does not save, the blood of Jesus 
                           saves, your obedience to the truth saves!
      C.  If someone tries to make you feel stupid, DO NOT TRY TO
            1.  ILL:  3 kids arguing.  My Dad's a Baker, he makes me donuts
               for nothing;  My Dad's a teacher, and he makes me smart for
                nothing.  Preacher's kid:  Oh yeah, my Dad's a preacher, and
                he makes me good for nothing
            2.  Prov.  17:12 - "Let a man meet a bear robbed of her cubs,
                 rather than a fool in his folly"
      D.  Wordly wisdom will come out in your speech 
            (still talking about the tongue)

II.  True Wisdom
      A.  Describes it as that which comes down from above 
      B.  Characteristics of True Wisdom
            1.  Begins with purity
                 a.  There is no alterior motive of ambition or selfishness in
                    speech or actions
                 b.   A gossip is one who talks to you about others (jealous),
                       a bore is one who talks to you about himself (ambitious), 
                      a brilliant conversationalist is one who talks to you about
                  c.  Refrain from speech motivated from wordly wisdom.
                          -Prov. 17:28  "Even a fool, when he keeps silent,
                           is considered wise."
            2.  Peaceable and Gentle (Meek)
                  a. True wisdom will produce peaceful relationships
                  b.  Since there is no jealousy or ambition, there is room for
                      humility & meekness
            3.  Reasonable and full of Mercy
            4.  Full of good fruit - This speech is accompanied with action
            5.  Unwavering and Without Hypocrisy
                   a.  Unwavering  (lit.  "undivided")  made up its mind
                   b.  It will be genuine, not hypcritical.
      D.  Has your actions and speech been reflective of wordly or heavenly
           wisdom?  Wise UP!

III.  Result of Wisdom  -  This passage tells of the result of each of these kinds of wisdom
      A.  For Earthly wisdom:  (v. 16)
           1.  Disorder-  It is clear to see how jealousy ambition and
                 arrogance cause disorder
           2.  Every evil thing - In the end, nothing good comes from it
      B.  For Heavenly Wisdom:  (v. 18)
           1.  Peace, instead of disorder
           2.  Righteousness, instead of every evil thing.

1.  What sort of wisdom have you been demonstrating?
2.  It's time to Wise UP!